In an effort to balance the needs of library users and the preservation of library resources, while providing a welcoming atmosphere for the Catholic University community, the University Libraries’ policy allows library users to have limited access to food and drink. Please respect and follow these guidelines:

  • Light snacks are permitted. Examples include granola bars, chips, nuts, pretzels, cookies, dried fruit, etc.
  • Beverages in twist-top bottles or spill-proof containers, such as travel mugs and sport bottles are permitted.
  • Meals are not permitted.
  • Greasy, sticky, crumbly, and aromatic foods are not permitted. Examples include French fries, hot dogs, nachos, fish, etc.
  • Alcohol and tobacco products are not allowed.
  • Beverages in open containers are not permitted.
  • Food deliveries, food parties, and group meals are not permitted.
  • Keep food and drink at a safe distance from library materials and equipment in order to preserve these materials. Clean your hands after eating and before handling library property.
  • Maintain a clean and sanitary environment. Properly dispose of trash in the library-provided receptacles or remove it from the building.
  • Maintain a quiet atmosphere and refrain from shaking iced drinks and noisily unwrapping food. If a neighbor complains, you will be expected to relocate upon request.
  • Food or drink spills should be reported to the Circulation Desk immediately so that prompt action can be taken to minimize the damages.
  • Individuals failing to comply with these guidelines may be asked to leave the library.
  • Some library locations have unique or at-risk resources and may have additional food and drink restrictions.

Consult with library staff if you have any questions.

Distribution of food or drink in Library public spaces is not permitted unless authorized in advance by Library Administration.