The purpose of the library system of The Catholic University of America is to support and enrich the instructional, research, and service programs of the University. The Library, as an integral component of the academic process, provides access to our cultural and scientific heritage through library resources and services and cooperates actively with the faculty and students in the teaching, learning and research process. In recognition of the University's position as a Catholic institution of higher education, the Library also has the responsibility for sharing resources and services with both the Catholic Church and the scholarly community.

Central to the work of the institution, the Library carries out its mission by serving as the primary resource for content-related materials to:

  • support the course related needs of undergraduates,
  • meet the research and scholarly needs of graduate students and faculty members,
  • provide users with access to materials located outside the immediate library system, and
  • equip users with the skills and resources needed for continuous lifelong learning.

The Library organizes, manages, and preserves unique books and materials that serve as records of our Catholic intellectual heritage and culture through special collections.