Paper Photocopies

Materials may be photocopied in accordance with the limits of the Copyright Act and archives policies. The archives may set restrictions to protect fragile, damaged, or oversize materials. The archives staff will make all copies. Charges for photocopies are as follows: 10 cents per copy for the first 100 letter size (8x11) copies; 20 cents per copy for letter size copies 101 and thereafter; 25 cents per copy for all legal size (11x14) copies; and 50 cents per copy for all oversize (11x17) copies. There is a postage and handling charge for any/all photocopies that are mailed. Prepayment is required prior to the mailing of any/all photocopies.

In addition, while the Archives retains at least three (3) and sometimes more copies of original documents, especially printed and published materials, these are NOT for distribution to researchers and other interested parties.

PDF Copies

PDFs follows the same fee structure as photocopies, see above.

Long-Distance Requests

We do provide photoduplication services for remote researchers, but do have a limit of 5 folder requests per quarter (every three months) per researcher.

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Rolls of microfilm stored in Special Collections are the property of The Catholic University of America (CU) and may not be duplicated without permission. If permission is given there are two formats available. Rolls can be reproduced on more expensive archival quality film or on cheaper non-archival high quality film. These respective prices are not fixed so requesters should ask for both a cost and time estimate.

Payment must be received before duplications will be mailed to researchers.

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Special Collections Image Reproduction Policies and Fee Schedule

Special Collections of The Catholic University of America (CU) recognizes the important role that digitization is having in modern archival repositories around the world in both the fields of preservation and access. The following guidelines have been crafted to insure the preservation of all original materials and that copyright laws are respected.

  • Special Collections Photographic Collections are non-circulating; originals do not leave the facility
  • Use of personal scanners, digital cameras, or other video recording devices by researchers are prohibited
  • All digital imaging and other duplication processes will be performed/coordinated by Special Collections staff members
  • Researchers can request reference copies of images for research purposes; however, high resolution digital files and prints will be provided only to researchers who are planning to publish/exhibit, have completed a use/authorization form, paid all applicable fees, and have received the approval of the Special Collections Archivist.
  • Authorization of use does not constitute Special Collections' endorsement of a publication or project
  • Special Collections reserves the right to refuse image requests due to preservation or copyright concerns
  • All researchers are asked to give Special Collections at least 7 working days (once the image requested has been identified, located, and verified by the researcher) to complete image reproduction requests. Requests may take longer than 7 working days, depending on size of order and the numbers of orders already in line to be filled.

Due to the nature of archival and manuscript collections, Special Collections may not have exclusive copyright or ownership rights of all photographic materials in the collections. All known copyright information will be provided however, Special Collections does not provide copyright research services and assumes no responsibility for resolving questions of copyright.

Imaging Fee Schedule Applies:

Scanning: $8.00 per image File Retrieval (if duplicate/ image file already exists): $5.00 per image
Print (on printer paper): .25 cents per page Non-Commercial Use / Publication Fee: $15.00 per image
Print (on photo paper): $5.00 per image Commercial use / Publication Fee: $50.00 per image

(Some formats such as; photographic negatives, slides, transparencies, microforms, and oversized materials have slightly higher rates for scanning; researchers will be informed if they apply when these formats are requested)

Please Note:

  • Larger sizes, quantities and specialized orders can increase the cost, archives staff will inform researchers of cost differences at time of request.
  • Charges mentioned below do not include postage and handling. Add an additional $5.00 for United States Postal Service Delivery. Other shipping options are available at researcher's cost.
  • Permission must be obtained from the archives before any documents can be published.
    Publication fees may apply. Contact the Archivist for more information
  • "Traditional" photographic prints may be requested (from negative, if available), however rates are subject to current market price; rates will be provided when such a request is made.

Please direct inquiries to the or 202-319-5065.

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Audio and Moving Image Retrieval, Reproduction Policies, and Fee Schedule

Special Collections of The Catholic University of America recognizes the important role that digitization is having in modern archival repositories around the world in both the fields of preservation and access. The following guidelines have been crafted to help insure the preservation of all materials and that copyright laws are respected.

  • Varying fees for the Preservation, Conservation, and Digitization of non-digitized media will be the responsibility of the requester, and will be performed by a vendor selected by the archive. Generally, vendors will charge several hundred dollars to digitize audio and moving image media. Requesters should start their project early because the digitization process can add weeks or months to a request.
  • Media is digitized "per request" only.
  • These fees are applied to digitized audio and moving image media ONLY:
    • $10-Duplicate Digitized Audio (student use)
    • $20-Duplicate Digitized Audio (CU Affiliate)
    • $40-Duplicate Digitized Audio (CU, Non-Affiliate, Non-Commercial)
    • $80-Duplicate Digitized Audio (CU, Non-Affiliate, Commercial)
    • $15-Duplicate Digitized Moving Image (student use)
    • $30-Duplicate Digitized Moving Image (CU Affiliate)
    • $50-Duplicate Digitized Moving Image (CU, Non-Affiliate, Non-Commercial)
    • $100-Duplicate Digitized Moving Image (CU, Non-Affiliate, Commercial)
    • $20/hour, rounded to the closest 15 minutes-Edit audio video (create segments, clean up sound, etc.)
For further information on the reproduction of archival materials, please email or call the Special Collections Reference Archivist at or (202) 319-5065.

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