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Descriptive Summary

Repository: The Catholic University of America, Special Collections
Creator: Catholic University of America
Title: Catholic University of America Photograph Collection
Dates: ca. 1886-2001
Extent: 50 linear feet; 80 boxes
Abstract: The images which make up the core of this collection were among the first materials actively pursued by the University's original archivist, Fr. Henry Browne, when the Archives was founded in 1949. Since that time, numerous offices and individuals have contributed photographs to this collection until the archivists decided to close the collection in 2003. The Catholic University of America Photograph Collection includes images created by University offices, departments, and student organizations (i.e. Alumni Office, Athletics Department, Drama Department, Catholic University newspapers, Catholic University yearbook, office publications, etc.), from 1887, before the founding of the University, to 1999.
Collection Number: ACUA UNIV
Language: English

Historical Note

The Archives acquired the photographs from various student organizations, University offices, departments, and schools, and individuals-primarily alumni-who had a close relationship with Catholic University. In 2003, the archivists decided to close this collection, adding no items created after 2000.

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Scope and Contents

The material in the collection are compiled from different sources and individuals associated with CUA offices, departments, and organizations. Sources for this collection include the Alumni Office, Athletics, Public Affairs, Drama, Music, Cardinal (Catholic University yearbook), Catholic University Tower (newspaper), [and student and University publications, organizations, and offices]. Many images have outstanding copyrights, and must be cited if used in publication. Efforts have been made to individually identify items in this collection; uncertainties in the spelling of names (illegible captions) are noted by “(?)” following the name, whereas uncertainties as to people, groups, or dates are followed by “?” only. Researchers are encouraged to use the “search” function located in their Internet browser, using key words or dates.

The collection has been divided into nine series, the first containing images of individuals and groups associated with the University (i.e. founders, presidents, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, community, friends of Catholic University, etc.). The second series primarily focuses on Catholic University alumni, faculty and clergy. Images of student comprise the third series, while the fourth series contains photos of University buildings and grounds, and the regions of DC that surround campus.

The fifth series includes images related to Catholic University schools, departments, and offices during the last century, while the sixth series contains photos of campus events. The seventh series consists of University calendars, brochures, photographic studies and artwork, postcard booklets, and depictions of campus buildings. Images donated by various campus offices and affiliated individuals of non-campus areas encompass the eighth series. Oversize materials from the first seven series plus miscellaneous items comprise the ninth series.

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The Catholic University of America Photographic Collection consists of nine series:

Series 1: People-Individual (Boxes 1-17)
Series 2: People-Alumni, Clergy, and Faculty (Boxes 18-23)
Series 3: People-Students (Boxes 24-30)
Series 4: Buildings and Grounds (Boxes 31-42)
Series 5: Schools, Offices, and Departments (Boxes 43-59)
Series 6: Events (Boxes 60-68)
Series 7: Pictorial (Boxes 69-73)
Series 8: Non Catholic University-Photographs (Boxes 74-75)
Series 9: Oversized and Miscellaneous (Boxes 76-80)

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Restrictions on Access

There are no access restrictions on materials in this collection.

No image from this collection may be reproduced or published in any manner without the permission of the Special Collections.

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Acquisition Information

This collection came to ACUA in multiple deposits beginning in the 1940s and continued through 2003 when this collection was officially closed. In 2008, this collection was officially re-opened to provide a place for singular or smaller collections of Catholic University-related photos donated by various alumni, former faculty, etc., instead of creating various small collections; collectively, these photos offer a better picture of Catholic University than they would have if separated.

Processing Information

Processing completed in September 2007 by Patrick Cullom and Laura Otis. EAD markup completed in September 2007 by Patrick Cullom. Finding Aid and EAD revision completed by Robin C. Pike about 2009. Minor revision by W.J. Shepherd and Jane Stoeffler in 2014.

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Researchers interested in using this collection may find additional images of the Catholic University campus, department, and individuals in the Office of Public Affairs audiovisual collection, and in the records of individual offices.

ACUA Photograph Digital Collection

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Index Terms

This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.


Catholic University of America--Campus
Catholic University of America--Faculty
Catholic University of America--History
Catholic University of America--Pictorial works
Catholic University of America--Students


Washington (D.C.)

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Ellis, John T. The Formative Years of the Catholic University of America. Washington, DC, Catholic University of America Press, 1946.

Nuesse, C. Joeseph. The Catholic University of America : a Centennial History. Washington, DC, Catholic University of America Press, 1990.

Memoirs of the Catholic University of America, 1918-1960. Deferrari, Roy J. The Catholic University of America Press, 1962.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: People-Individual, ca. 1886-1999 (17 boxes)
This series contains images of individuals and groups (founders, faculty/staff, alumni, donors, community, friends of Catholic University, etc.) associated with the University. It contains items collected from various sources, including the Catholic University yearbook, newspapers (student), various publications, and other University offices. The majority of the collection features individual/item-level indexing to facilitate access.
Box Folder
1 1 Aarons-Arzube
Aarons, Jonathan; Abel, Vincent; Agagianian, Gregory; O'Boyle, Patrick; Aiken, Charles Francis; Alagata, S. Paul; Albert, Richard; Al-Hindi, Firas M.; Allen, Amos; Aller, Rudolph; Allers, Steve; Alter, Karl J.; Andres, Barbara; Anselm (?), Mother Mary; Applegate, Richard; Aquinas, Sister Mary; Aquino, Deborah Curran; Armstrong, Richard; Arzube, Juan
2 Badura-Bauch
Badura-Skoda; Bafunmo, Giuseppe; Baldwin, James Jr.; Balint, Andrew; Ball, John A.; Balthrop, Carmen; Baltrukonis, J.H.; Bamberger, E. Clinton; Bankhead, James M.; Barbutti; Barrett, Edgar; Barron, Joseph Thomas; Barry, Colman J.; Brown, Thomas N.; Bartholomew; Barwick, Arthur R.; Bates, Margaret; Bates, Tim; Bauch, Sister Patricia
3 Baum, William
Baum, William; McManus, Frederick; Moore, Blanche; Moore, Jacques; Hartke; Theall, Bernard; Pellegrino
4 Baxt-Bouquillion
Baxt; Baz, Amr; Bea, Augustin; O'Boyle, Patrick A.; Bechert; Behrendt, Leo; Bell, Bishop; Bellaque; Bellett, Paulinus; Benedict XV; Beneteau, Andre Marie Georges; Benigna, Sister Mary; Bernardino, Philippo; Bernier, Conrad; Berstein, David; Bernstein, Leo; Biberstein (?); Binns, Emily; Block, Cielle; Blumenthal, Renata; Boke, James; Boland, Thomas A.; Bonansea, B.M.; Bond, Julian; Davis, Robin; Bonner, Walter; Borders, William H.; Bossuet (?), Giacomo Benigno; Bouquillon, Thomas
Box Folder
2 1 Bowe-Bryce
Bowe, James Joseph; Bowling, Sister Ann Virginia; Bradley, James C.; Brady, Leo B.; Branch, Edward B.; Brennan, James; Breslin, Jimmy; Brettenbeck, Joseph; Brinkley, D.; Britton, William; Brown, Bertram S.; Brown, Bill; Brown, Brendan; Brown, Raymond E.; Dr. Browne; Father Browne; Browne, Henry J.; Browne, Patrick William; Browne, Ralph E.; Brownell, Mrs. D.M.; Bryce, Sister Mary Charles
2 Buckner-Byron
Buckner; Buechlein, Daniel M.; Bunza, Joseph J.; Buonoeore, Peter; Burghardt, Walter; Burke, Eugene M.; Burns, Catherine R.; Burstein, Elias; Burton, Stephen Douglas; Busch, K.L.; Bush, George Herbert Walker; Hickey, James; Bushnaq, Suleiman; Butin, Romain Francois; Butler, Christopher; Butler, Richard; Byrne, Brian D.; Byrne, John J.; Byron, William J.
3 Cain-Carter
Cain, H. Edward; Camera(?), Emmanuel; Campbell, James M.; Candide; Canfield, Austin H.; Cardozo, Manuel De Silveira; Carey, John J.; Carney(?), Adrienne; Carrigan, Harry; Carroll, Eamon R.; Carroll, John; Carter, Jimmy and Mrs.; Carter; Carter, Robert E.
4 Casey-Cicognani
Casey, James V.; Cassidy, Francis P.; Castaneda, Carlos; Castellan (?), Gilbert W.; Catholic Interracial Council of New York; Cenkner, William; Ceroke, Christian; Chambers, Beth; Chang, C.C.; Channing, Carol; Charles (?), S.; Chavez, Cesar; Chenanot, Anna; Chi, Michael; Chiu; Chock, Phyllis; Church, Aloysius; Cicognani, Amleto G.; Beckman, Archbishop; Coury (?), Thomas; Reed, Stanley F.; Brennan, William J.
5 Clark-Cooney
Clark, David J.; Clark, Ramsey; Clark, Tom; Clarke, John W.; Claudia, Mother; Cleary, Leo; Clemens, Alphonse; Clement XI; Cloney, Robert D.; Cody, John; Cody, Cardinal; Cogger, William J.; Cohen; Cole, Robert; Collins, Joseph B.; Collins, J. Lawton; Collins, Patrick; Commins, William D.; Conaty, Thomas James; Condrick, James A.; Conley, Virginia C.; Connell, Francis J.; Connery, Robert H.; Connors, Mary C.; Conway, Donald W.; Cooke, Terrence; Dulles, Avery; Cooney, Joanne
Box Folder
3 1 Corcoran-Cyrus
Corcoran, James; Corrigan, Marie A.; Corrigan, Joseph M.; Corrigan, Michael A.; Corson, Fred P.; O'Boyle, Archbishop; McDonald, Bishop; Costellon; Cotter, Frank P.; Cotter, John B.; Coughlin, Dan; Cousidins (?); Coutinho, Joaquina de Sequeira; Cowan, Clyde L.; Coyne, John; Crane, George W.; Cristafulli; Cronin, Daniel A.; Cronin, John F.; Cronin, Thomas; Crook, Louis H.; Crough, Edward M.; Cupka, Albert G. Jr.; Curran (?), Charles; Curley, Archbishop; Curtis, Walter; Cushing, Richard; Curley; Curley, Michael; Cyrus, Lovelle P.
2 Dadaglio-Donley
Dadaglio, Luigi; Comstock, Bob; Dahlin, Bruce H.; Garcia, Romeo Lucas; Daley, Bill; Daley, W.; Daly, Dorothy; Daly, Mary B.; Daly, James; Daly, John J.; Dannemann, Joan; D'Arcy, John; Deegan, John W.; Deering, Arthur; Deferrari, Harry; Deferrari, Roy; Delacy, William; Des Longchamps, William J.; Deuteh (?); De Valera, Eamon; Deviny (?), William M.; Diekmann, Godfrey; Di Lella, Alexander A.; Donahue, Edward E.; Donley, Dorothy E
3 Donnellan-Dwyer
Donnellan, Thomas; Donohue, Daniel J.; Donovan, James J.; Donze (?), Edward M.; Dooley, Vincent P.; Dorasavage, William; D'Ostilio, Silvio A.; Doughtery, Cardinal; Santiago (?), Alfredo (?); Dougherty, Jude; Doughtery, George; Dowd, David; Dowd, Edward F.; Drinan (?), Robert; Drummey (?), John J.; Dudley, Paul V.; Dugan, J.A.; Dulles, Avery; Dumm, Robert W.; Dunbeck, N.J.; Dundin, John; Dunn, Hugh Edward; Dwyer, Cormac; Dwyer, Robert
4 Edwards-Evans
Edward, D.; Elder, William Henry; Eiselein; Eisenhower, Dwight D.; Spellman (?), Cardinal; Elise, Sister M.; Ellis, John Tracy; Ellis, Patrick; Emmet, Thomas Addis; Emmerich, Jo Ann; Endres (?), Arthur P.; Englehart, Charles W.; English, Joseph Francis; Erickson, Earl; Evans, James L.
Box Folder
4 1 Factearn-Flynn
Factearn; Farre, John T. II; Farrell, Walter; Farrington, Francis X.; Fasennger; Favret, Raymond; Feldman, Ronald A.; Ferris, Frederick; Ferris, Frederick J.; Field, Betty (?); Field, Catherine M.; Field, Francis A.; Finan, Edward J.; Finan, John; Fisher, Carl A.; Fitz, Dudley; Fitzgerald, Edward G.; Fitzmaurice, John; Fitzmyer, Joseph; Flanagan, Peter; Flannery, Robert V. (?); Flynn
2 Foley-Fox
Foley, Leo A.; Foley, Richard; Folsom, Marion B.; Fontanini, Clare; Fontanini; Foran, T.C.; Ford, Betty; Foresti, Roy J., Jr.; Fox, Francis E.; Fox, John McDill; Fox, Maurice
3 Frances-Furth
Frances; Frankino, Steven P.; Frey, Gerard L.; Frey, Harold J.; Friendly, Fred; Fumasoni-Biondi, Pietro; Furey, William H.; Furfey, Paul H.; Furth, Hans
4 Cardinal Gibbons
Gibbons, James; Roosevelt, Theodore
5 Gabert-Gilder
Gabert, A.L.; Gaffney, Leo F.; Gaggioli, Richard A.; Gallagher, Bishop; Gallagher, Kevin; Gallagher, Raymond; Gallagly (?), Harry P.; Galligan, Clement X.; Galvin, William L.; Gannon, John M.; Gannon, Robert I.; Ganter, Bernard J.; Ganter-Beaumont; Garrigan, P.J.; Garvey; Geary, James A.; Gedra, Joseph; Geisler, Lloyd; Gerrettie, Margaret A.; Giaquinto (?); Gibbs, Clarence Joseph; Gibbs, Joseph; Gajducek; Gibson, Henry; Gignac; Gilder
6 Gilheany-Grace
Gilheany, John J.; Gill, Bishop; Gillis, James M.; Gilson; Gilzam; Glennon, John J.; Glintenkamp, Carol; Glynn, Jeanne; Glynn, William A.; Goettelmann, Paul A.; Gorham; Gowan, Sister Olivia; Grace, J. Peter
Box Folder
5 1 Grady-Gy
Grady, Thomas J.; Graham, Bill; Graham, Billy; Graves, Charles C.; Greeley, Andrew; Gremillion; Griffin, Cynthia; Griffin, John J.; Griffith, Dorsey; Gruen, F.B.; Gruenther, Alfred M.; Gueth (?), Oswald; Guilday, Peter; Guttmann, David; Guzzetta, Cathie; Gy, Pierre
2 Haas-Hannan
Haas, Francis J.; Hagan, James; Haig, Frank R.; Hall, Frank A.; Hamilton, Ralph H.; Hammes, George A.; Hanna, Edward J.; Hanna, Monsignor; Hannan, Jerome D.; Hannan, Philip M.
3 Harding-Healy
Harding, Warren; Harmuth, Henning F.; Hartke, John J., Jr.; Harte, Thomas J.; Hartnett, James F.; Hartnet; Harrington, Timothy; Hatzfeld, Helmut A.; Hayes, Allison; Head, Edward D.; Healy, Patrick J.
4 Hartke, Fr. Gilbert V., O.P.
Hartke, Gilbert V.; Cagney, James; Hayes, Helen; Hartke Theater Dedication
5 Hearne-Hruneni
Hearne, John; Heckenberger, Andrew; Helliet, M.; Hemelt, Francis J.; Hennemann, Alexander; Henry, Ed; Henry, Hugh T.; Herzfeld, Herbert K.; Herzfeld, Karl; Hickey, James; Pellegrino; Hickey, John; Higgins, James T.; Higgins, Martin J.; Higgins, Mary Elizabeth; Hildebrand, Floyd C.; Hirons, Frederic C.; Hirsh, Harold; Hochivalt (?), Carroll A.; Hoffman, R.; Hollis; Holm, Theodor; Hoppes, Dale D.; Houlahan, A.J.; Howell, Wilfred D.; Hruneni
6 Hughes-Hyvernat
Hughes, James A.; Hughes, John; Hughes, Margaret; Hughes, William A.; Hume, Basil; Byron; Pellegrino; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Cooper, John Sherman; Hunthausen, Raymond G.; Hupp, Robert P.; Hurley, Archbishop; Curran, Charles; Hurley, Mark; Hurley, Richard; Hyvernat, H.
Box Folder
6 1 Iacocca-Izzo
Iacocca, Lee; Iakovos, Archbishop; Incarnato, Joe; Ireland, J.; Ireton, Peter L.; Izzo, Angeline
2 Jackson-John
Jackson, Stephen S.; Jadot, Jean; Jefferson, M.; Jenkins; Jensen, Joseph; John XXIII, Pope; John Paul, Bishop; John Paul I, Pope; John Paul II, Pope
3 Johnson-Juten
Johnson, David; Johnson, George; Johnson, George W.; Johnson, H. Clay; Jones, George; Popescu, David; Paul; Magner; Lowens, Irv; Libbey; Jordan, Edward B.; Jordan, John F.; Jordan, Thomas; Joy; Juten, J. Russell
4 Kabriel-Kennan
Kabriel (?), J.; Kasemann, Ernst; Kearney, Bo; Keefe, Arthur John; Keegan, Robert F.; Kehoe, John; Kelly, Grace; Kenkel, Joseph B.; Kennan, Liz
5 Keane, John J.
Keane, John J.
6 Kennedy
Kennedy, Daniel J.; Kennedy, Eugene; Kennedy; Kennedy, Jacqueline; Kennedy, John F.; Hartke, Fr. Gilbert V.; Ortiz, Mnsg. Ramon; Terlingen, J.; McEntegart; Uthant
Box Folder
7 1 Kenny-Kortendick
Kenny, Michael H.; Byron, William J.; Kenrick, Peter Richard; Kerby, William Joseph; Kerkering, Kenneth J.; Kerr, William A.; Kiefer, Mike; King, Jacob A.; King, Peter; King, Yolanda; Kinlein, Lucille; Kirsch; Klem, Justin J.; Koechl, Sister Mary Aemelia; Koenig, Cardinal; Kolm; Kortendick, James J.
2 Kovach-Kvancz
Kovach, Bill; Kraus, Irene; Krol, John; Kucera, Daniel W. ; Kuntz, Frank A.; Kuratko, Godfrey; Kvancz, Jack
3 La Driere-Liston
La Driere, James Craig; LaFavia; La Fond, Eddie; Laghi, Pio; Byron, William J.; Lallou, William J.; Lancaster, Carlyle “Jiggs"; Landry; Landry, A.E.; Lang, G.O.; Langenfeld; Langley, Harold David; Lardone, Francesco; Larkin, Thomas; Larraona; Laurence, John H.; Lawrence; Lebrun; Leedy, Russell W.; Lemaitre, Georges; Lenin; Leo XIII; Leonard, Eugenia; Lessard, Raymond W.; Leveque; Lewis, John L.; Lewis, Joseph F.; Liebow; Lindesmith, Eli Washington Johon; Ling, C.S.; Linskie, Margaret E. (?); Liston, Mary
4 Litovitz-Lynn
Litovitz, Theodore A.; Macedo, Pedro B.; Lobo, Anthony; Locraft, Thomas H.; Lorr; Louisell, David; Luce, Clare Booth; Luckenbach, Thomas A.; Lyke, James P.; Lyne, Timothy J.; Lynn
5 MacDonald-Mansfield
MacDonald, Marquis George; MacDonald; Macedo, Pedro B.; Macho, Carole J.; MacNeil, Neil; Madelena, Sister M.; Madigan, Betty; Maes, Camillus P.; Maguire, Bishop; Maguire, Mary Ann; Maher, Leo; Maida, Adam J.; Maloney, Andrew P.; Maloney, Charles P.; Mannella (?), Gene G.; Manning, Timothy; Mansfield, Betty; Mansfield, Senator
Box Folder
8 1 Magner
Magner, James A.
2 Marchese-Mazer
Marchese, Lisa; Marella, Cardinal; O'Boyle, Archbishop; Vagnozzi (?), Archbishop; McDonald, Bishop; Marino, Eugene A.; Markham (?), Raphael; Perry, Harold R.; Lyons, Thomas; Baum, Archbishop; Herrman, Edward; Shehan, Lawrence; Fox, Maurice; Marlowe, Donald E.; Marshall, Althea; Marshall, John A.; Martin; Mary, Sister (Jeannette MacDonald); Masselos, William; Mastroanni (?); Mathis, Sharon; May, J.F.; May, John Lawrence; May, Thomas P.; Mayo, Reid; Mazer, June
3 Maximas V
Maximas V
4 Maximas V
Maximas V; Baum, Cardinal; Walton, Clarence
5 McAllister-McDuffie
McAllister, Joseph B.; (McArdle), Sister Mary Marguerite; McCall, John Brian; McCall, Robert E.; McCambridge (?), Mercedes; Hartke; McCarrick, Theodore E. (?); McCarthy, Charles H.; McClean, Peter; McDuffie, George E., Jr.; Finger, Harold B.; Walton
6 McCormick, Patrick J.
McCormick, Patrick J.
Box Folder
9 1 William McDonald, International Federation of Catholic Universities
McDonald, William; YuPin, Paul; Munoz, Paul; van Wayenbergh, H.; Terlingen, J.; Polanco, Hugo Eduardo
2 Bishop William J. McDonald, Rector
McDonald, William J.; Maguire, Martin; O'Hearn, Dennis
3 McGinley-McIntyre
McGinley, Phyllis; McGiven, John; McGourty, Thomas J.; McGowan; McGrath, Roger; McGrath, Roger E.; McHugh, Mighael; Schmitz, W.; McGucken, Joseph T.; McGuire; McIntyre, Cardinal James
4 Archbishop Bryan J. McEntegart
McEntegart, Bryan J.; McDonald, David; Cicognani, Cardinal; Kuttnan, Stephan
5 McGowan, Raymond A.
McGowan, Raymond A.
6 McKenna-McVay
McKenna, Bernard; McMahon, Joseph F.; McManus, Fred R.; (McManus) Sister Mary Thomas Aquinas; McManus, William; McNichols, John T.; McNicholas, Joseph A.; McNulty, Frank; Furrevig, Ed; Crowley, Rie; McPadden, James J.; McSweeney; McVay
7 McMahon, Ed
McMahon, Ed; Parker, Donald
8 Mealey-Michalowicz
Mealey, M.; Meinzinger, George; Meng, Mike; Meng, George; Mercier, Cardinal; Gibbons, Cardinal; Meouchi, Paul; Meserve, Robert; Meyer, R.T.; Meyer, Cardinal; Meyers, Emerson; Michalowicz, Joseph Casimir
9 Miller, Joseph
Miller, Joseph
Box Folder
10 1 Miller-Moseley
Miller, Jack; Miller, Vernon; McEntegart; McDonald; Magner; Minnick; Mitchell, James P.; Mitchell, Hugh (?) C.; Mitty, John J.; Mlecko, Joel; Mogavero, Charles A.; Mohan, Robert Paul; Mohler, Dorothy A.; Mohller; Moller, Raymond W.; Molloy, Thomas Edmund; Montgomery, Harriet C.; Monk; Moody, John; Moon, Parker Thomas; Moore, Mary; Moore, Thomas Verner; Morkovsky, Bishop; Morrissette, Paul; Moseley, Mark
2 Mufts-Murray
Mufts, Judy; Mugavero, Francis John; Muldoon, Peter J.; Mullen, S.; Mullin, Francis A.; Mullin, Richard L.; Mullins, Mary K.; Murphy, Charlotte; Murray, Francis E.; Murphy, Frederich Vernon; Murphy, John J. (Jack); Murphy, Joseph M.; Murphy, Richard; Cosgrove, John; Zalles, Rose Saul; Byron, William J.; Murphy, Ronald; Murray, John; Murray, John Courtney; Murray, P.
3 Nader-Nuesse
Nader, Ralph; Glynn, Jeanne; National Rehabilitation Information Center; Neil, Kerby; Neill, Charles P.; Neale, Francis; Nelsen, Hart M.; Neisteen (?), Neville, Deborah; Newman, Henry; Nicsla (?), J.; Niedergeses, James; Nixon, Richard M.; Noll, John F.; Nork (?); Normandin, Avam; Novicky, William N.; Nugent, Gregory; Nuesse, C. Joseph
4 O'Boyle, Patrick A.
O'Boyle, Patrick A.
5 O'Boyle, Patrick A.
O'Boyle, Patrick A.
Box Folder
11 1 O'Boyle, Patrick A.
O'Boyle, Patrick A.
2 O'Brien-O'Connell
O'Brien; O'Brien, John A., Jr. (?); O'Brien, Thomas; O'Brien, William V.; O'Connell, Denis Joseph; O'Connell, Cardinal
3 O'Connor
O'Connor, James P.; O'Connor, Fred; O'Connor, Pat; O'Connor, Patrick J.
4 O'Donnell-Owen
O'Donnell, Cletus; Odum, Mark X.; O'Gorman, Thomas; O'Grady, John; Ritter; Butler, John J.; O'Hara, Edwin V.; O'Keefe, Joseph T.; O'Malley, Sean; O'Meara, Edward T.; O'Neill, Helena; O'Neill, Hugh; Herzfield (?), Herbert; Flannery, Regina; O'Pool; Ooms, Theodora; Orban, Alexis J.; Ornstein, Norman; Otis; O'Toole, Peter; Ott, Stanley; Ottaviani, Alfredo; Owen, Mother Mary Ruth
5 Pace, Edward A.
Pace, Edward A.
Box Folder
12 1 Pacelli-Peterson
Pacelli; Auley; McCormick, P.J.; Pangborn, Thomas W.; Parker, Donald; Parker, John Bernard; Pater; Paul VI; Peadon, Annie M.; Pearce, Diana; Peebles, Bernard M.; Peixotto, Helen E.; Pekin, Patricia; Peterson, Fred
2 Pellegrino, Edmund D.
Pellegrino, Edmund D.; DeBakey (?); Hickey, James
3 Pelligrino, Edmund D.
Pellegrino, Edmund D.; Comstock; Cooke; Deehamn (?), Virgil; Wellock, Bill; Epps; Van Nispen, Arnoud; Woelfling, Steve; Bergman, Mary; Jaworski, Leon
4 Pelligrino, Edmund D.
Pellegrino, Edmund D.; Jones, Elizabeth; Nuesse, C. Joseph; Kraus, Sister Irene; Mondale, Walter; Pellegrino, Mrs.; Donohoe, David A.
5 Pellegrino, Edmund D.
Pellegrino, Edmund D.
Box Folder
13 1 Peter-Purdy
Peter, Carl J.; Piaget, Jean; Pinaratt(?), Teresa; Pino, Denise; Koppi, Steve; Pitamic, Leonidas; Pius VI; Piyananda; Pledger, Joliann; Plimmer, Walter; Poels, Henry A.; Pohle, Joseph; Porreco, Rocco; Port, Byron; Powell, Jody; Prufer, Thomas; Danforth, William H.; Prophit, Penny; Pulvari, Charles F.; Proulx (?), Amadea; Purdy, Robert B.
2 Pius XI
Pius XI
3 Pius XII
Pius XII; Putnam, Herbert
4 Quasten-Quinn
Quasten, John; Granfield, Pat; Barrett, Robert; Quinn, Bernard; Quinn, Daniel; Quinn, Francis Anthony
5 Rahill-Reidel
Rahill; Ramler, Otto J.; Ramsdell, C. Benjamin; Rascher, Charles; Rathjens, Clara W.; Ratke; Rausch; Rauth, John Edward; Ready, Michael J.; Regan, Agnes G.; Reagan, Ronald; Reagan, Nancy; Reese, Donald; Reidel, Wolfgang W.
6 Reilly-Roosevelt
Reilly, John J.; Reinhard, Edward G.; Renehan, Patrick Lyons; Reining, Priscilla; Reining, Conrad; Thomas; Favret; Rhoads, Robert Lee; Rice, Francis O.; Rich, Catherine; Richards, Joseph; Ritter, Joseph E.; D'Alton, John; Kyne, John; Ritz, Tom; Roach, Archbishop; Robb, Charles; Roberts, Carol; Roelker, Edward G.; Rojas, Manuel; Rogers, William; Rooker, Frederic Z.; Rooney, Thomas P.; Rooney, William; Roosevelt, Eleanor; Roosevelt, Franklin D.; Roosevelt; Hugh, James
Box Folder
14 1 Rose-Ryan
Rose, Mother Mary; Ross, Juanita M.; Ross; Rossi, Cardinal; Rowan, T.D.; Rozaly (Rozsaly), Francis L.; Rubio, David; Rudolph, Wilma; Rugambwa, Laurian; McDonald, William J.; O'Boyle; Hannan, Philip M.; Rush, Alfred C.; Russell, John M. “Jack"; Russell, William H.; Ryan, Edwin J.; Ryan, Gerald; Ryan, James Hugh
2 Ryan-Ryle
Ryan, Jay; Ryan, John A.; Black, Hugo L.; Douglas, William O.; Frankfurter, Felix; Purcell, Clara Fick; Hayden, James; Fitzpatrick, Paul J.; Brennan, Robert; Abts, Dorothy; Purcell, Richard J.; Ryan, John K.; Ryan, Sally; Ryan, William; Ryle, Edward
3 Sagas-Schmitz
Sagas, Don Angel; Nuesse, Joseph; Walton, Clarence C.; Sanchez, Robert F.; Sanders, Mary Loyola; Sanders, William A.; Salgudo; San Pedro, Enrique; Saunders, Arthur A., Jr.; Scanlon, Maureen; Schad, James Louis; Scheel, Nivard; O'Boyle; Hochwalt, Carroll; Schlotterback, Edward; Schmiedeler, Edward; Schmidt, John Rogg; Schmitz, Walter; McGrath, Roger
4 Schneider-Shannon
Schneider, Joseph; Schneider, Marius; Schock, Martin; Schreiber, Paul F.; Schroeder, John L. “Dutch"; Schroeder, J.; Schumacher; Schurman, Jacob Gould; Schuyler, William E.; Schwab, John M.; Lin, Daniel C.T.; Scullen, Anthony J.; Seagraves, Eleanor Roosevelt; Searle, George Mary; Seraphine, Sister Mary; Seward, Frank E.; Shaughnessy, Gerald; Shannon, James P.
5 Shahan
Shahan; Gibbons; Dougherty, George A.
Box Folder
15 1 Shaughnessy, Ralph
Shaughnessy, Ralph
2 Shea-Shehan
Shea, Daniel William; Shea, William J.; Sheehan, Mrs.; Sheehan, Daniel E.; Sheehan, Daniel; Sheehy, Maurice; Sheehy, Sister Maurice; Sheen, Lawrence J.



Sheen, Fulton John


Shiruvengadan(?), Alaga P.; Shubsda, Bishop; Sierco, Kathleen Cecilia; Simmons, Gilbert; Sinon, Mary; Sirica; Skehan, Msgr. Patrick W.; Skrovan; Sloane T. O'Conor; Smith; Smith, Ignatius; Smith, Mary Elinor; Smith, Sister M. Joan; Smith, Rosemary; Sneed, Richard
5 Sokolowski-Stratemeier
Sokolowski, Robert S.; Sondericken; Spalding, Eugenia K.; Spalding, John; Spalding, Mrs. John Lancaster; Spalding, Martin; Francis Spellman; Spradling, Sister Mary Cyprian; Stadtmueller, Roman; Staffa, Dino(?); Stafford, Dennis; Stefic(?), Katherine G.; Steimel, Raymond J.; Stone, Elizabeth W.; Stratemeier, George B.
6 Strich-Szoka
Strich, Samuel; Jordan, Edward B.; Reilly, John J.; McCormick, P.J.; Strickeroth, Giles J.; Suenens, Leo Josef; Sullivan, Gerald J.E.; Sullivan, Frid. (?); Sullivan, Jerry; Sullivan, John J.; Suziedelis; Swanson, Elizabeth; Swanstrom, Edward E.; Lobo, Fernando; Bates, Margaret; Szoka, Edmund C.
7 Taggert-Theresa
Taggert, Paul; Talbot, Robert (Bob); Talbott, F. Leo; Tavani, Cleonice; Taylor, Gary; Taylor, Hannis(?); Taylor, Hugh Stott; Terese, Sister Vincent; Theresa, Mother; Daly, Dorothy Bird; Walton, Clarence C.; Nuesse, C. Joseph
Box Folder
16 1 Tibesar-Tyrrell
Tibesar; Tiedstrom, Ivan; Tiehe, M.; Tilghman, Lt. Charles S.; Todhunter, John; Touart, Clarence; Townsend(?), John; Trabeaux, Winifred L.; Murray, Mary E.; Timmons, Philomena; Tracy, David W.; Treacy, John P.; Triggiani; Trisco, Robert; Hruneni, George; Trudell, Richard; Truman, Harry S.; Tschoepe, Dallas; Tucker; Tyrrell
2 Ugast-Unterkoefler
Ugast, Fred B.; Unterkoefler; John Paul II
3 Vagnozzi-Verner
Vagnozzi, Egidio; McDevitt, Gerald V.; McDonald, William J.; Valge, Madis; Vallbrecht, Joan; Vaschalde, Adolphe Arthur; Veisti, Carl R., Jr.; Verner, Mathilda
4 Wagner-Watson
Wagner, Lloyd; Wakelyn(?), John; Walsh, Eugene A.; Walsh, James; Walsh, John M.; Walsh, M. Elizabeth; Walsh, Thomas J.; Walsh, Judge Jim(?) C.; Walsh(?), James T.; Walter, Vince; Waters, R.K., Jr.; Watson, John D.
5 Walton, Clarence C.
Walton, Clarence C.
6 Walton, Clarence C.
Walton, Clarence C.; McDonald; Pellegrino
7 Walton, Clarence C.
Walton, Clarence C.
Box Folder
17 1 Ward-White
Ward, Henry P.; Washington, Capt. Rev.; Weber, Nicholas; Weiss, Paul J.; Welsh, Bishop; Weschler, Maurice; Whalen, John P.; McMahon, Ed; White, Robert J.; White, Helen
2 Wieckowski-Wulfingh
Wieckowski, Thomas; Wilding, Charles; Willebrands, Jan; Willging, Eugene P.; Sheen, Fulton J.; McGuire, Frederick A.; William, Conrad; Wilson, Forrest; Winkler, Lt.; Winter, Sister Miriam Therese; Wippel, John; Wojnar; Wolf, Anne; Shaw, Bob; Shaw, Lauren; Wolf, Craig J.; Wonder, Edward J.; Wood, Charles D.; Wright, Herbert; Wuest, Ralph Sigmond; Wulfingh, William
3 Yasas-Youniss
Yasas, Frances; Youniss, J.
4 Zaleski-Ziegler
Zaleski, Alexander; Zohn, Gerald; Zayyad, Tawfig; Zelinka; Ziegler, Aloysius K.; Zuras, Barbara
Series 2: People-Alumni, Clergy, and Faculty, ca. 1886-1999 (5 Boxes)
This series contains images of CUA alumni and faculty collected from several different departments and offices; individuals and groups are indicated when photographs are labeled. This series also contains images from the Alumnus, a student publication produced from 1968-1971 (see ACUA reference for hard copy prints of Alumnus), and images taken at alumni events. See “CUA Board of Trustees” photographic series for additional alumni images.
Box Folder
18 1 Alumni-Individuals, A-B
Adrian, Frank J.; Adrian; Andruzzi; Apkarian, Harry; Dill, James F.; Asman, Robert J.; Balint, R. James; Bamberger, E. Clinton; Barr, Thomas F.; Bartimcer(?), Leo H.; Bateman, Richard; Belden; Benson, Anna Roberta; Bernstein, Leo; Biron, George R.; Bode(?); Bonidy, Joseph K.; Borley(?), John M.; Bosco, Salvatore R.; Boudreaux, Warren; Bowers, Dan; Boyer, D. Royce; Boyle, Frank; Boyle, Regis Louise; Braddock, Mary Jean; Brady, Marian; Brennan; Brennan, M. Josephine; Brennan, Robert E.; Brinton, Mrs. Hugh; Brown, Mary Starrs; Brownell, Daphne M.; Bruder, Wallace; Budds, John J.; Burke, Daniel W.; Burke, Robert F.; Burns, Charles O.; Bushey, Daniel J.; Buttimer, Anthony J.; Byron, Frank L.; Bysne(?), Anne Lucille
2 Alumni-Individuals, C
Cain; Callan, Henry T.; Campo, Ralph; Carbery, William J.; Caron; Carr, Michael F.; Carr, William; Carson, Johnny; Christel, Thomas; Clare Delores, Sister; Clark, Elizabeth Csalonicki; Clifford, Julia Ann; Coen, Daniel K.; Conway, Joseph P.; Corbett, John; Cotter, Eileen; Cradick, John P.; Cronin, Thomas S.; Crough; Crowley, Mart; Crown, John R.; Cupka, Albert G.; Curry, James P.
3 Alumni-Individuals, D
Daigle, Laurel J.; Daly, Dorothy Bird; Dalz, Michael J.; Danis, Norman F.; Dante, Robert B.; Dantremont(?), Charles R.; Darey, John J.; Davin, Thomas J., Jr.; Dedden, Norbert J.; Delaney, Robert F.; Denk, M.W.; DiCamillo, Anthony; Diehl, Charles E.; Dolans family; Donalda; Donnes, Linus E.; Donoghue, John F.; Dougherty(?), Maureen; Donohoe, David; Doyle, M. Conception; Ducote, Jere; Dukich, Ardea F.; Dunbeck, Norman J.; Dunlap, Laurie Elizabeth; Dunn, Stephen J.; Dusey(?), Francis J.; Dyckes, Shirley
4 Alumni-Individuals, E-F
Egan, Edward J.; Egan, Thomas A.; Ehrlich, Margarete; Elliott, T.; Ellis, George J., Jr.; Erickson, Earl W.; Esquivel, Adolfo Perez; Evans, James J.; Farin, Paul; Farley, Don; Farrell, M.; Featherson, C.H.; Fedders, John M.; Fiore, Amadeus; Fitzgerald, Edmund A.; Flanagan, Peter J.; Fleege(?), Urban H.; Foley, David John; Foley, Robert J.; Franeschina, John; Frank, Charles M.; Funkhouser, Robert E., Jr.
5 Alumni-Individuals, G-H
Gabrysh, Andrew F.; Gallagher, Bill; Gannon, Joseph T.; Gannon, Timothy J.; Gardner, William M.; Gates, Jean Key; Gatton, John Spalding; Geoffries, Donald R.(?); Gibson, Henry; Ginnity, Marianne; Goldmann, Philipp; Gonzalez, Jose G.; Gonzalez, Leni; Grace, J. Peter; Grady, John J.; Graff, Lawrence; Grant, Bernici(?) A. ; Grassini, Lawrence; Graus, Hyman; Grissmer, J.; Gruber, Mary J.; Guyon, Joseph; Habrook, S. Dennis; Hamilton; Hankinson(?), Philip; Harendza, Michael; Harkin, Thomas R.; Hasson, Margaret Maureen; Hatcher, William E.; Hayes, Allison; Hayes, Ruth G.; Hechenberger, Nan Bell; Hedrick, D.W.; Heffernan; Hein, Robert A.; Henry, Mari Lyn; Heya, Mary; Hilary; Hilger; Hofman, Emil Thomas; Honnar(?), Francis P.; Hynes(?), Christopher V.
6 Alumni-Individuals, I-L
Imirie, Joseph S.; Jacobsen, Elmer L.; Jacobs, Ruth; Jennings, Robert O.; Johnson; Johnson, Joseph P.; Johnston family; Joyce, Christopher; Kamin, John V.; Kao, Simon(?) T.; Kakizaki, John T.; Kelly, Jacques; Kennedy, James J.; Kienberger, V.F.; Kiernan, J.P.; Kilium(?); Kirstein, Richard A.; Klajnowski, Martha; Klein, M. Amadeus; Kloom(?), Mary V.; Kuhayda(?), John; LaFond, Eddie; Lake, William H.; Lanauze, Harry Eussebio; Langford, Charles D.; Lapointe, Raoul; LaPorte, Maria Paul; Larocca, James L.; LeBlanc, Joyce; Lee, John F.; Lenahan, Joseph J.; Lewis, Mary Cecilia; Liebert; Liebl, Harold J.; Lilly, Lucius F.; Lindquist, Clarence; Liston, M.F.; Ludwig, M. Mileta; Lustberg(?)
7 Alumni-Individuals, M
Macovsky, Morris; Madden, Dennis W.; Maggs(?), C.; Mahoney, John; Mahoney, Attracta O'Connor; Maillet; Maloney, Patricia Arlene; Manderfield, Grover J.; Manning, Edward P.; Marcotte, Paul G.; Martin, Clarence; Masi, Fidelia “Dale"; Masso, Joseph F.; Mastrangelo, Frank R.; May, John; May, Julius F.; May, Thomas P.; Mazzocco, William J.; McAuliffe, Francis L.; McCalla, June; McCartney, John ("Jack"); McCartney, Marion; McDonald, H.S.; McDonnell, Harold E.; McDonough, Thomas; McDonough; MacFarland, Pamela; McGrady, Mike; McGrath, John J.; McGuire, Patrick; McLaughlin, Raymond; McMahan, Frederick J.; Melady, Thomas P.; Melady, Margaret; Smoak, Marion H.; Meng, J. Joseph; Meisuri(?), Tony; Miller, Joseph; Missett, James R.; Mitton, Philip; Mitzak, Anthony Michael; Montley, Patricia; Moran, Bill; Moseley, Leanora; Mostwin, Daruta(?); Mueller; Muroff, Walter; Murphy, Charlotte P.; Murray; Murray, John E., Jr.; Murray, Paul V.; Murrin, Jeanne
Box Folder
19 1 Alumni-Individuals, N-P
Nealon, William J.; Neely, M. Lurana; Newton; Noonan, John T., Jr.; Norton, William; Nowell, Irene; O'Connor; O'Connor, Pat; O'Flynn, Anthony C.; Oglesby, Nicholas P.; O'Hara; O'Loughlin, W.K.; O'Neill, Margarella; Orem, Dorothea E.; Ornowski, Herald S.; Orsinger, Victor J.; Ott, George Earl; Owen, Mary Ruth; Parker, R.; Patram, Sarah Lee; Pattantyus, John E.; Paynter, O.E.; Payton, Michael J.; Peck, Richard L.; Penetar, Michael; Pesci, Frank B.; Peters; Peterson, Jon; Poms, William; Pryzbyla, Edward
2 Alumni-Individuals, Q-R
Queen, Edward J.; Quigley, M. Annunciata; Quinn, Ann C.; Ratke; Reagan, Mary; Redmond, Mary M.; Redrow, Allan R.; Regan, M. Joanna; Repass, George L.; Richter, Roger O.; Riecks, Robert; Rihm, Alma; Roach, Edward H.; Roberts, William(?); Roeder, Betty; Roeder, Tony; Rogers, J. Thomas; Romain, Charles; Ronzetti, Thomas; Rooney, Miriam; Dougherty, J.J.; Roseliep, Raymond; Rosenthal, Ralph O.; Rumianek; Ryan, Ambrose; Ryan, Edmund G.
3 Alumni-Individuals, S-T
Sanfilippo, Sylvia; Sbarboro, Gerald L.; Scanlon(?), M.; Scanlon, Dan; Scanlon, Mr. and Mrs. William; Scanlon, William J., III; Schaub, Elisabeth; Schettler, Charles B.; Schlotterback, E.; Schnepp, J.J.; Schuyler, William E., Jr.; Scott, George W.; Scullen, Ted; Scullen, Cecilia “Cissy” Volkman; Sellers, Dometrice J.; Shafer, Robert J., Jr.; Shafer, Sharon; Sheehan, Michael; Sheehy; Sheehy, Maurice; Sherry, Robert J.; Stevens, Bernard; Shuler, Kurt; Sierco, Mary Joseph Carmelle; Simmons, Vincent D.; Sirico; Slater, John J.; Slattery, Margaret Patrice; Slone; Slowinski, Walter A.; Smith, Joan V.; Smith, Otis M.; Sondericker, William F.; Sosnicky, Joan; Stanley, Teresa; Steele, Stephen; Stefurak, Joan Elizabeth; Stover(?), James P.; Street, Don; Strenkoski, Leon F.; Sullivan(?), Jeremiah J.; Suozzi, Joseph; Tremblay, F. Florent; Taezkowski(?), Thaddeus C.; Taylor, Francis B.; Temple, Matthew J.; Thomas, Danny; Thomas, Karen; Tighe, Mary Ann; Timpane, P. Michael; Tobey, Thomas G.; Toomey, Murray
4 Alumni-Individuals, U-Z
Urcchio; Ursic, Sheila; Urso, Mike T.; Vanderslice, T.A.; Varnerin, Robert E.; Voigt, Jon; Wall, Leo A.; Walsh, Ambrose; Walsh, James E.; Walters, Donald E.; Walton, Clarence; Walton, John M.; Wegesser, J.; Welde; Whalen, John P.; McMahon, Ed; White, Jane H.; Wholey, Dennis; Wolf, Ralph F.; Wood, Gordon R.; Wurtzburg, Gerardine; Xepapos(?); Yeonas, Stephen G.; Zderad, Loretta; Zelinka, Joseph J.; Zeller, Francine; Ziernicki
5 Alumni-Individuals-Unknown
10 images
6 Alumni-Slides 1985
Images of various unknown CUA Alum on campus.
Box Folder
20 1 Alumni-1920-1929, undated
Sheehy, Maurice; O'Hara, Francis; Hafey, William J.; McGolrick, Edward J.; O'Brien, Thomas J.
2 Alumni-1930-1939, dated
Clark, J; Dietz(?), W.; Barry, T.; Leasure, E.: Dufour, R.; Kelly, Stewart Monaghau
3 Alumni-1940-1949, undated
Maloney, Andrew
4 Alumni-1940-1949, dated
Executing Committee; Graduation Gala; Maloney, Andrew P.; Maloney, Charles P.; Smith, Ignatius; Maloney, Pat; Lafore, Hughe; Schroeder, Dutch; McNamara, John M.; McCormick; Curran, Edward M.; Toomey, Vincent L.; Howell, Bill; O'Connor, P.J.; nurses; Mann, Jesse; Porreco, Rocco
5 Alumni-1950-1959, dated
Smith, John R.; Smith, Ignatius; O'Connor, Michael; Maloney, Andrew; Rooney, Mirian; Kenney, James F.; Bode, Roy; Schramm, Gregory; McNulty, John F.; Crowe Thomas; Hughes, James A.; Chase, Nicholas J.; Collins, J. Lawton; McEntegart; Guarnieri; Lewis L.
6 Alumni-1950-1959, dated
Pigott, Kary John; National League of Nursing; Homecoming; Alumni Association, Philippines Chapter; Frank, Joseph; Lozano, Olimpia Ubaldo; Fylnn, Ann; Laurel, Minnie; Mariano, Violeta; de Mesa, Dolores; Quezon, Manuel; Laoson(?), Silvestre; Dioquino, Corazon Canare; Coquina(?), Jorge; de Silva, Felicidad A.; Benabarne(?), Benigno(?); Gaffney, Leo F; Smith, Seonard, Laudico(?), Minerva G.; Yalencia(?), Abelardo; Baltazar, Rosalia (Rosie); Martinez, Angelita; de Vera, Carmen Miller; Dioquino, Gregoria; Escalona, Maria Maslog; Silva, Teresita Luisa; de la Cruz, Teodora; Manosa, Manuel; Alumni Association, NY Chapter; Graves, April F; Schroeder, John L.; Library Science Alumni Club; Wagner; Kortentiefe(?); Mohrhardt; Rogers, Frank; La Fond; Sheen; Spellman; Du Four, Ray; Gibbons Award; Alumni Association, New Jersey Chapter; McCone, John; McDonald, William J.; Brady, Robert, F.; Meyer, Richard J.; Russell, William H.; Lozano, Olimpia; Olalia, Alejandro; Hamilton, R.H.; Birmingham, Aileen L.: Hartung, Breno J.; O'Brien Marcus; McNulty, Ellen E.
7 Alumni-1950-1959, dated
McDonald; Schroeder, John L.; Pincus, Bill; Pincus, Loretta; Pincus, Mary; Pincus, Cecilia; Pincus, Kathy; Pincus, Steve; Pincus, Theresa; Pincus, Alice; Spitzig, Joseph A.; Murphy, Michael; Kearning(?), Robert B.; Law Alumni Officers
8 Alumni-1950-1959, undated
Bode, R.; de Bettiucourt(?), Frank; MiAllite(?), Joseph B.; Foley(?), Leo; McDonald; Gaudreau, Paul; Rinn, Bill; Bode, Roy; Knott(?), Martin; Dunn, Kaylor; May, Alice; Gaudreau, Mrs. Paul; Spicci, Mo; Turner, J.C.; La Fond, Eddie; Bailey, “Sheik” John; Howell, Bill; Ward, “Red"; Eberts, “Dutch"; Gormley, John; Ruppert, Carl; Toomey, John; Galiker(?); Dick; Gormley, Mrs; Westhead, Eleanor; Toomey, Mrs.; Galiker(?); Mrs.; Ruppert, Mrs.; Pope, Sal; Friskman, Bernie; Donohue, Jiggs; Palvari; de Aboitiz, Frederico; Pope, Mrs.; Donohue, Mrs.; Bode, Roy; Keelty; Jahne, Charles, J.; New Jersy Alumni; Crowe, Thomas; Agresti, Vincent; Mastrangelo, Connie; Mastrangelo, Frank; Convery, Neil; Schramm, Gregory; Houghton, THomas; Orsini, Richard; Julies, Gilbert; Mineo, Louis; Gaffney, Lawrence; Schillon, Gerald; Hand, Gilbert; Barry, Lawrence; Luanne(?), Sister; Molirmau(?), Christine; Zimmermann, Odo(?); Fowle(?), Patrick, J.;
9 Alumni-1950-1959, undated
Theresa, Frank, Regis; Homecoming Luncheon; Scott, Irene; Virginia, Sister Mary; Frances, Sister Jane; Prisca, Sister M.; Valerie, Sister M.; Marilyn, Sister; Jamesanne, Sister; Adelbert, Sister Mary; Marcelle, Sister; Jamesine, Sister; Leon, Sister M.; Therese, Sister Miriam; Constance, Sister M.; Andrew, Sister Walter; Roseen, Sister M.; Raymond, Sister Rose; Marie, Sister Anthony; Cardeual(?), Mr. Julio; Cardeual(?), Julio (Jr.); Cardeual(?), Carmen; Cardeual(?), Anronia; Cardeual(?), Virginia; Cardeual(?), Alejandro; Cardeual(?), Patricia; Cardeual(?), Mrs. Judiana; Cardeual(?), Judiana; Cardeual(?), Gabriel; Cardeual(?), Lucia; Cardeual(?), Isabel
10 Alumni-1960-1969, dated
Schneider, Al; Altorik(?), Tom; Altorik(?), Deane; Frenkhauser(?), Bob; Frenkhauser(?), Ann; Frenkhauser(?), Karyn; Burns(?), Dick; King, Father; Coquina, Jorge R.; Buendia, Nina; Saudico, Minerva G.; de Silva, Felicidad G.; Panlilia, Pablo; Richard, Brother C.; Benabarre, Benigno; Soto, Celerina; Feliciano, Erlinda; Montanana, Leandro; Lozano, Olimpia U.; Colasito, Bsailio; Disquino, Corazon C.; Paloma, Flora; Silva, Teresita Svisa(?); Say, Celestino; Thomas, Brother Bernard; Levigae, Peggy; Levigae, Dick(?); Levigae, Jimmy; Tracy(?), Bob; Tracy(?); Andy (Rooney); Davis, James H.; Hamm, William J.; Kohnen, Brother Georger; Shambora, William E.; Drangems(?), Pete; Drangems(?), Mrs.; Drangems(?), Peter; Drangems(?), Dave; Drangems(?), Dan; Drangems(?), Bill; Mayorga, Abelardo; Stebbins, George; Ramirez, Mario; Gonzalez, Jose; Vijol, Miguel; Pereira, Edgar; Sanson, Roberto; Olalia, Alejandro; Laeson, Silvesre; Montanana, Leandro; Benabarre, Benigno; Smith, Philip; Coquia, Jorge R.; Laudico, Mrs. Minerva; de la Cruz, Teodora; Wright, Bob; Abasolo, Paz; Dioquino, Gregoria G.; Abasolo, Max; de Mesa, Dolores; Stafford, Father John; de Ver, Carmen Millar; Gaffney, Leo F.; McDonald; Daly, Leo A.; Brown, Sterling W.; Chesson
11 Alumni-1960-1969, undated
Maroon, Mrs.; Morlowe(?), Mrs.; Dematates(?), Kathie; Johnson, Mrs. Don; Marlowe(?), Dean(?); Maroon, Fred; Johnson, Don; Dematates(?), Alexander; Relnes(?), Roscoe; Scullen, A.J.; Foley, Leo A.; McDonald, William J.; Gallogly(?), H.; Thomas, Danny; Moline, Edwin G.; Murphy, John Blake; Hartke
12 Alumni-1960-1969, undated
Ghodeck, J.B.; McMahon, Ed; O'Boyle, Cardinal; Whelon, Father; Fox, Maurice; Ratke; Corroccio; Middleton, Ed; O'Neil, John; Carroccio, Mrs.; Gigrich; O'Neil, Mrs.; Ruppert, Carl; Toomey, John; Galiker(?), Dick; Oltorik
Box Folder
21 1 Awardees: 1970s
Fox, Maurice T.; O'Connor; Lotz; Phelan(?), Mary Benedict; Long, Thomas; Youm, Youngil; Bolino, August C.; Di Lella, Alexander A.; Martin, Wade; Hojaji, Hamid; Macedo, Pedro; Moore; Reinhard, George A.; Kelly, F.J.; Hannon; Walton, Clarence; Carpenter, John; Tsuruoka, George H.; Holleran, Constance; Caffney, Bernard; Bergenn, James; New York; Alumni Athletes; Flanagan, Bernard J.; Slowey, John F.; Murphy; Pryzbyla, Ed J.
2 General-Alumni Store Photos
Chairs; Shirts
3 Groups-Class Pictures-Unidentified
Favret, Tom “Cool Cat"; De la Salle College; Richard, Brother; Fidelis, Borther; Olalia, Alejandro; de Silva, Felicidad A.; Benabarre, Benigno; Coquia, Jorge; Deoquino, Corazon C.; Reyes, Lourdes; Millar, Mencie; Mariano, Violeta (Violy); Feliciano, Miss; Lozano, Olimpia U.; Laudico, Minerva G.; Sotto, Celerina; Baltazar, Rosie; de Mesa, Dolores (Dolly); de la Cruz, Dora; Coquia, Mrs.; Yap, A.; Montanana, Leandro, Bantigue, Pedro; Angulo, Luis; Lacson, Silvestre; Wright, Robert; Abola, Terry; Diaz, Chinggay; Martinez, Angerlita; Amanda, Teresita; Silva, Teresita, Luisa; Dioquina, Gregoria; David, Brother; Niederosh(?), Bob; Trozze; Soney(?), Bill; Smith, Frank; Marsonek; Tores, Angel; Mullaney, Matt; Gregory; Martin, Biff; Smith; Shattuck; Lervieki, Joe; Eastham, Bunny; Russo, Mario; Buckley, Tom; Straub, Dutch; Behrendh(?), Les A.; Gadek, Tony; Walter, Urn(?); Blaney, Jim; D'Esapo, Saveire; Strike
4 Invitations and Responses 1974; Gibbons Medalists and Past Presidents
5 Los Angeles Dinner-Nov. 1970
Marino, Rocco; McDermott, Dr. and Mrs.; Smith, Jack; Smith, Clare; Cody, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard; Marino, Mary Q.
6 Photos
Awards Banquet; American Shakespeare Repertory; Overtoom, Douglas; Logan, Jeffery; Donohoe, David A.; Merkel, Ingrid; Byron, William J.; Lockood, Christopher; Lockood, Michael; Lockood, Mary; Lookood, Mark
7 President's Club
8 Puerto Rico Dinner
9 Spring Meeting 1969
10 Testimonial Dinner for Ed McMahon
11 Unidentified alumni-individual and groups
Allen, Eugene; Allen Virginia A.; Reno, John; Gargm(?), Nelly; Minority Student Awards
12 Unknown Event-c. 1970s
1967 Graduates
Box Folder
22 1 Alumnus (CUA Publication)-Undated
Feist, Robert; Shriver, Sargent; Haynes, Euphemia; Charles, Mother Mary; Radkowsky; May, Thomas; Connor, Henry; Hayes, George; Fanning, John; Galiher, Richard; Maroon, Fred; Daly, Leo A.
2 Alumnus (CUA Publication)-Undated
Suozzi, Joseph J.; Elliott, Terrie; Elliott, George; Polignone, Josephine M.; Voegelin, Eric; Mazza, Cassie; Amata; Corcoran, Lawrence J.; Comstock, Robert F.; Ratke; Ratke, Cesilia; Youniss, Richard; McCarthy, Tom; Glynn, Jeanne
3 Alumnus (CUA Publication)-Undated
Tresansky, Victoria; Murphy, John; Collier, Donald; Cardinal Yearbook: 1934, 1949, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959
4 Alumnus (CUA Publication)-Undated (Fall)
Hartke; Colby, Anita; Senators Club
5 Alumnus (CUA Publication)-Spring 1968
Cronin, Jim; McCall; Conn(?), Marie
6 Alumnus (CUA Publication)-Winter 1968
McMahon; Hayes, John J.; Hayes, Edward F.; Hayes, Mrs.; Hayes, Thomas; Besson; Masthead
7 Alumnus (CUA Publication)-Spring 1969
Jim; Olivia; John
8 Alumnus (CUA Publication)-Summer 1969
Nacy, Carol
9 Alumnus (CUA Publication)-Fall 1969
Directory negatives; McMahon Hall; Baum, William W.; Walton; Hannan, Philip M.
10 Alumnus (CUA Publication)-Winter 1969
?, Sister Theresa M.; Marino, Annunzinto; Paparella, Benedict A.; Homecoming; C.U. Orchestra
11 Alumnus (CUA Publication)-Spring 1970
Renehar(?), Patrick L.; Sowade(?), Alphonse; Word(?), Gordon; Voight, Jon?
12 Alumnus (CUA Publication)-Summer 1970
Zwinamann, Sister Marcella; Giampietro, A.; Caggiano, Jim; Hoffman, Dustin; Voight, Jon
13 Alumnus (CUA Publication)-Spring 1971
Vaccaro, Brenda
14 Alumnus (CUA Publication)-1989 Holly Hop
Box Folder
23 1 Faculty (1) ca. 1888
Portrait of first faculty of CUA: Hyvernat, Henri; Stoddard, Charles W.; hogan, John B.; Keane, John J.; Schroeder, Joseph; Bouquillon, Thomas; Orban, Alexis; Garrigan, Philip J.; Hewit, Augustine; Pohle, Joseph; Graf, Joseph
2 Faculty (2) ca. 1880s-1960s
School of Engineering: Crook, Louis H.; Ramler, Otto J.; Murphy, Frederick V.; MacKavanagh, Thomas, J.; Chambliss, Hardee; Valade, Ernest A.; Weschler, George A.; Scullen, Anthony J.; Landry, Aubrey E.; Rice, J. Nelson; Ward, Henry P.; Rock, George D.; Burda, Francis X.; Gallogly, Harry P.; Ruebsam, Ernest C.; Weschler, Maurice E.; Barwick, Arthur R.; O'Boyle, J. Gardner; Biberstein, Frank A.; Valentine, Walter; Karsunky, William K.; Talbot, Francis L.; Finan, Edward J.; May, Albert; Schutte, Francis A.; Grosz, Oliver; Bowe, J.J.; Mitchell, Hugh C.; Tomlinson, J. Bailey; O'Brien, Joseph E.; Locraft, Thomas H.; May, Timothy C.; Department of Education, 1964: Elsa, Sister Mary; Warthen, Jean; Shevlin, Mona; Kevane, Eugene; Sweeney, Christine; Curtin, Wylma; Rita, Sister Mary; Donovan, Geoffrey F.; Steimel, Raymond J.; Clark, Aubert J.; Gorham, Joseph A.; Houlahan, F.J.; Fox, Henry Frederick; Drobka, Frank J.; Board of Discipline; McAllister; McDonald; Magner; McClafferty; Rattigan; Benard; Houlahan; Trisco; Cassidy; Parente; Furfey; Schmidt; Rooney; Favret; Sloyan; Murphy, John; McGrath; Kennedy; Smith, Walter; Shinners; Bastnagel; Siegmond; Kevane; Gearty; Abbo; Doronzo; Quasten; Wojnar; Marks; Duman; Fenton; McManus; Ziegler; Ryan; Keelty, James; Maloney, Andrew P.; Mt. Vernon; Hyvernat, H.; Mueller-Simons; Snell, Mervin(?) Morie
3 Faculty (3) ca. 1970-1989
Schmitz, W.; Moody J.; Murphy, J.J.
4 Hierarchy and clergy-clergy
Cardinal Villaneuve; Ryan, James H.; McNamara, John M.; Cardinal Falconio; Cardinal Farley(?); Bishop Shahan; King Albert of Belgium; Keane, J.J.; Gloyd, John; McGee, James; Stafford, D.J.
5 Hierarchy and clergy-clergy
Bernadin, Cardinal Joseph; Plenary Council; Vagnozzi; Ritter; Cushing; Spellman; McIntyre; Rummell, Archbishop; Krol; O'Connor(?); Lonz(?), Paul
6 Clergy and religious, Brothers
7 Clergy-Nuns
Aleyius, Sister; Barnhiser(?), Sister Judith Anne; Ali-Chich(?), Sister Davelyn; Yasquez(?), Sister Lucy
8 Pallatines Fathers
9 Unidentified clergy
Series 3: People-Students, ca. 1886-1999 (7 boxes)
This series contains images of students on campus, in classes, and at various CUA-sponsored events and festivals. Photographs of clubs and groups (formal and informal), and portraits of individuals (formal and informal) are included in this series. The majority of these images are unidentified, with the exception of an approximate chronological grouping based on traits in the photos; group and individual names appear in this finding aid when photographs are labeled. The majority of the images are black and white, but some are in color.
Box Folder
24 1 Student Priests
Hyvernat; Divinity College 1919-1920; Hickey, Edward; Flynn; Healy, Sylvester; Kletotka, Peter; McVeigh; Kruegler; Doran; Dougherty, George; Christopher, Joseph P.; Shahan, Thomas J.; Fenlon, John J.; Gilgan, Edward; O'Donnell; Menino, Daniel; Lang(?); Goudneault; Hart, Charlie; MacDonald; McKeough, Michael; Dillon; Rupp, Max; Karolus; McGinley; Leary, Frank; Golden; Milauskas; McKenzie, Eric; Fleming; Holleran; Murray, Leo; Betowski; Stief; Burgent, Edward; Rolbiecki, John J.; Tibesan, Leo; Marron; Kozlowski; Donohue; Ford, John; Rager; Gellaghen; Vaughan; Keoveny, Leo; Kenny; Haaz, Francis J.; Urba; Doherty, Richard; Murphy, Edward; Kenkel, Joseph; Hannich; Sheen, Fulton J.; Corroll(?); Lankin; Stegmann, Basil; Kennedy, John; Grimes; Hamill, Jos(?) E.; Loudelka, Chas; Gleason, Leo; Scully, William
2 Student Priests
Divinity College 1920-1921?; Divinity College 1910-1911?; Dougherty, George; Shahan, Thomas J.; Dumont, Louis; Hass, Francis J.; Fenlon, John; Burgent, Edward; Gilgan, Edward; Murphy; Post; O'Keefe; Vaughan, Jos. J.; Skahill; Concoran(?); Russell, William; Quinlan, Rich; Rupp; Hannon, Jerome; Linsenmeyer; Healy, Sylvester; Keaveny(?), Leo; Haldi, John; Linsky, Charles; Gleason, Leo; McGinly, Francis A.; DeCleane(?), Louis; O'Reilly; Sheen, Fulton J.; McKlough, Michael; Maloney; Eiler; Merim(?), Daniel; Hart, Charles; Divinity College, 1912?; Jepson, John; Denlon(?), John; Temple, Patrick J.; O'Grady, John
3 Students 1900-1919, undated
Smith, Randall D.(?); Connell(?), “Chuck"; Conroy(?), P.J.; Shahan Debating Society
4 Students 1900-1919, dated
Class of 1907: Gallagher, Hiram; Hetfield, Brawner; Kuntz, Frank A.; Moran, John C.
5 Students 1920-1929, undated
Debate team; Economics club; Gamma Eta Gamma; Abbey Club; Senior Class
6 Students 1920-1929, dated
First Annual Smoker, 1920; Banquet, Class of 1925; Abbey Club: McGinness, Robert X.; Murphy, Gerald T.; Mahoney, Mortimer M.; Cahill, Harry J.; Larkin, Allen G.; Beatty, George E.; Keefe, Anselm; Biberstein, Jr., Frank A.; Boutin, Leo R.; Healy, Andrew T.; Hoen, Thomas I.; Sullivan Emile A.; Dowd, Frank; Sullivan, Wimbert R.; Blake, Sylvester J.; Vorsanger, Bert; Lamb, Charles A.; Ford, John J.; White, John J.; Seery, William N.; Orme, Henry L.; Kirgy, Carroll G.; Northrup, Herbert; Kyle, William A.; Tierney, Roger J.; Dillon, Daniel; Senior class, 1926; de Alva
7 Students 1930-1939, undated
Phi Eta Sigma; Abbey Club; Spiritual Council
8 Students 1930-1939, dated
Dugout, Dining Tables, 1939; Glee Club, ca. 1934-1935; Freshman class, 1938; Members of Orange Bowl Team, 1936?; Class of 1936; Class of 1937; Residents of Graduate Hall, 1938-1939; Phi Kappa Fraternity Seal
9 Students 1940-1949, undated
Phi Kappa; Class Registration, undated
10 Students 1940-1949, dated
Graduate Hall residents, 1947; Abbey Club, 1945; Gibbons residents; Debating Society, 1940: Corrigan; Maloney, Cornelius; Turner, James C.; Glee Club, 1944, 1945, 1947; Architecture, 1945; Phi Gamma Mu, 1940, 1941; Senior class, 1946; Oratorical contest, 1940; Electrical Engineering, 1941 Cardinal
11 Students 1950-1959, dated
Englehart(?); Nursing Dorm Nuns; McMahon; Air ROTC Inspection, 1952; McEntegart; Varsity Rifle Team, 1956; Padgett, Richard D.; Callahan, Richard P.; Giuliani, Benjamin W.; Kenns, W.P.; Manfred, Bernard F.
Box Folder
25 1 Students 1950-1959, dated
del Ande Mendez, Sol; Ghini, Costantino; Typing Class; Browning, Tom; Chinese Cultural Show; Whaley, Joe S.; Bradley, Janis; Balint, Andrew J.; Mendez, Sergio; Podurgiel, Patricia; Somarriba, Julio; de Castro, Angela; Pett, Judith; Stefurak, Joan; Varela, Louis; Herdocia, Ricardo; Morgan, Jean
2 Students 1950-1959, undated
Drama Department; Pollim(?), Irvin; Hanrahan, Ignatius; Cuiv, Sean; Madden, Patrick M.; Nugent, James; Schari, S.M.; Gusinde, Martin; Platzer, Wilfried
3 Students 1960-1969, undated
USAF Drum and Bugle Corps; ROTC; Students at Mass
4 Students 1960-1969, undated
5 Students 1960-1969, dated>
University Social Center; Rosenhauer, Jim; McDonald, William J.; Enders, Dick; Aranha, Sister Marie Antoinette; Ratra, Paramjit; Jenkins, Hugh; Stebbins, George B.; Karadia, Kishor; Martin, Carol; de Letis, Dale; Pisani, Amy; McMahon, Ed; Pratts, salvador; Foy, Joseph; Tomaselli, Daniel; McCafferty, John J.; Mora; Mora, Mrs.; Gribben, Bill
6 Students 1970-1979, undated
Hungarian Folk Costume Pottery; Jones, Marvin T.;
Box Folder
26 1 Students 1970-1979, undated
McCall; Lammas; Belsanger, Helena; Quinor, E.
2 Students 1970-1979, undated
?, Cheryl; McMahon Hall; “In Class"; Registration; Pre-Registration
3 Students 1970-1979, undated
"Relaxing"; Bohannor, Jim; Bohannor, Camille; Grammaua, Rick
4 Students 1970-1979, undated
Rothwell, Virginia; Hrybyk, Stephen; Strike
5 Students 1970-1979, undated
"Going to Class"
Box Folder
27 1 Students 1970-1979, undated
Washington, D.C.; Washington Monument; Students; Cherry Trees; Nuns; In Class; Studying; Mullen Library; Burger, Gillis; In Snow
2 Students 1970-1979, undated
Course Listings; Reception; Woodrow Wilson Designates; Sendry, Dr. Joseph; Hughes, Winifred; Lampkowski, Alan, M.; Dr. Walton; Callan, Catherine M.; Pasquale, Ann; Wagner, John V.; Theology; Singing; Dancing; Music; Bagpipes; Religious Life
3 Students 1970-1979, undated
Teachers; Washington, D.C.; Washington Monument; Studying; Nutrition; Going to Class; Job Workshop?; Families; Children; Luthern Seminary; Boys Town
4 Students 1970-1979, undated
Cleaning Up; Outdoor Work; Gardening; Sleeping; In Snow; Folk Dancing
5 Students 1970-1979, undated
In Class; Biology; Studying
Box Folder
28 1 Students 1970-1979, undated
Teachers; Metro; Dr. Dowling(?); Psychology; Alumni Section; Grant, Claudie; Scholarship; Woodrow wilson Designates; Sendry, Dr. J.; Hughes, Winifred; Lampkowski, Alan M.; Dr. Walton; Callan, Catherine, M.; Pasquale, Ann; Wagner, John V.
2 Students 1970-1979, undated
In Class; Reception; White, Jane; Music; Hank, Jessica; Fauo, Maureen; Luthern Seminary; Outdoors; Williams, Bill; La Fata, Michael; Gonzales, Rick; Wright, Beth; Belfield, Todd; Teachers; Butsch, John; Wright, Lori Ann; Rheault, Denise; Gryczkawski, Carol; Smith, Susan; Legris, Michelle; Brownell, Carla; Clancy, Joe; Titus, Mary; Virga, Jamie; Orientation
3 Students 1970-1979, undated
Eating; Drinking; Ruggie; Recreation
4 Students 1970-1979, undated
Phantomini, F.; Cooper, P.J.; Recreation; Mattamauadee, Marti; Outdoors; Biology; Relaxing; Faces; Egler, Anne; Dunlap, Laurie Elizabeth; McCall
5 Students 1970-1979, undated
Dempsey, Kathy; Nursing; Moll; “Foxy Students"; Faces; Public Relations; Street, Mary; Stack, Elizabeth; Turner, Johnnie; Miyamoto, Darlene; Meisner, Christine; Knecht, Marlene; Mulvaney, Susan; Stern, Michael; NCUA Bulletin
6 Students 1970-1979 undated
Robinson, Kim; Doug; Kappa Beta Gamma; Lepoutre, Sebastien; Mike; Steve; Jeanine; Grason, Mary Lou; Romero; Holly; Dysart; Figueras, Ed
7 Students 1970-1979, undated
Eating; Drinking; Rathskellar; Moving In; Faces; Recreation; Architect; Gym; Beaux Arts Ball; Wynne, Steve; Makepeace, Betsy; Hand in Hand Day; Arts and Sciences
Box Folder
29 1 Students 1970-1979, undated
Course Listings; Eating; Drinking; Hartke Players; Arsenic and Old Lace
2 Students 1970-1979, undated
Beaux Arts Ball; Recreation; Egg Drop; Sports; Freshman Orientation; Eating; Drinking
3 Students 1970-1979, undated
White, John; Ryan, Ellen; Burk, Lynn; O'Gullar, Robert; Poncho; Questions and Answers; ICC; USG; B-Ball; Bentley; Mary's Halfway House; School of Music; Pentecostal; Constitutional Rev. Meeting; Moot Courtroom; Parents' Weekend; Messiaen Concert; Schultz, Judy; Passport Photos
4 Students 1970-1979, undated
ICC; Athletic Talk; Michigan Street Bridge; Santa Claus; In Snow; Del Boccio, Scott; Angulo, Robert; Purasian, Dave; D.D. without Band
5 Students 1980-1989, undated
Pavlides, Janice; Mary Elinor Smith Community Service Award; Kappa Tau Gamma; Tonery, Lisa; Student Activities Awards Banquet; Paradisi, Francisco; Hispanic Association; Hartt, John; Quijano, Guillermeo; British Exchange Students; Hispanidad; Lyons, Emmanuel; Soler, Rita; Hernandez, Becky; Baduillo, Robert; Byron; Dr. Bank; Dr. Mackie; Sister Parachini; Barr; Nickvair; Stout; Foriski; O'Priscoll; O'Connell; McGrath; Malia; Morris; McLaughlin; Registration; Commencement; Harrington, John H.; Democratic Convention
6 Students 1980-1989, undated
Dean Alearn(?); Cou-(?), Joan Bonner; Piotroski, Stanley; Andrews, Fregede; Coleman; Wilkin, William; Kane, John J.; Student Activities Award Banquet; Janoske, Barbara; Ballroom Dance; Phone-a-thon; Phonathon
Box Folder
30 1 Students 1980-1989, undated
Egg Drop; Casares, Luly; Graduation; Recreation; Women Athletics; Annual Ford(?); Phonathon; Phone-a-thon; Nork; William; Children; Washington Monument; Homecoming Football Game; Walker, Tom; Shortsleeves, Kelly; Town Meeting
2 Students/Campus 1980s
McMahon; Mullen; O'Boyle
Series 4: Buildings and Grounds, ca. 1886-1999 (11 boxes)
This series contains images of University buildings and grounds, and areas of Washington D.C. that border campus including: The National Shrine of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Brookland, and multiple houses of religious study near CUA. These materials were collected from various sources, including the Cardinal Yearbooks, newspapers, publications, and University offices. This series exhibits the tremendous growth experienced by the University during the twentieth century.
Box Folder
31 1 Campus Aerials ca. 1920-1966?
Southeast view from Soldiers Home, ca. 1920; Northwest view from below Reardon Hall, 1962; North view from below the Dominican House of Studies, ca. 1928; East view from Harewood Rd., ca. 1928; North view from the Dominican House, ca. 1968; Northwest view from below Reardon Hall, ca. 1962; North view from below St. Paul's College, ca. 1939; Northwest view from below Michigan St., ca. 1940-1945; North view from Graduate Hall, ca. 1940-1945; Northeast view from Harewood Rd., ca. 1940-1945; East view from Shrine, ca. 1940-1945; North view from below Dominican House of Studies, ca. 1940-1945; East view from Music Building, ca. 1940-1945; Southeast view from Harewood Rd., ca. 1920; Northwest view from Graduate Hall, ca. 1920; East part of Central Campus, from roof of Gibbons Hall, 1947; Southwest view from railroad tracks, ca. 1928; Northeast view from Theological College, ca. 1950; North view from below the Dominican House of Studies, Plane's wing in view, ca. 1958; North view from below the Dominican House of Studies, Plane's wing in view, ca. 1958; East view from beyond Harewood Rd., Plane's wing in view, ca. 1958; West view from beyond railraod tracks, Plane's wing in view, ca. 1958; West view from beyond Michigan and railroad tracks, Plane's wing in view, ca. 1958; Northwest view from Maloney, Plane's wing in view, ca. 1958; North view from below Dominican House of Studies, Plane's wing in view, ca. 1958; West view from beyond railroad tracks, Plane's wing in view, ca. 1958; Southwest view from Regan Hall, 1962; East view from Harewood Ave., 1958; Northwest view from below Reardon Hall, 1962; Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in foreground, 1958; Northwest view from Michigan st. overpass, construction of Pangborn Hall, ca. 1961; Military Mass, 1932; Northwest view from beyond Brooks Mansion, 1962; South view from Curley Hall, 1962; Northwest view from below Reardon Hall, 1962; North view from below Dominican House of Studies, ca. 1958; East view from Harewood Rd., ca. 1928; Northwest view from below Graduate Hall, ca. 1928; Northeast view from below Michigan St., railroad overpass, ca. 1958; Northwest view from Michigan St. overpass, construction at Pangborn, ca. 1961; Southwest view from railroad tracks, ca. 1928; North view from Michigan and Harewood Rd., 1956; Northwest view from Michigan St. overpass, construction Pangborn Hall, ca. 1961; Campus, ca. 1950; Gibbons Hall and Dominican House of Studies, from Goodyear Blimp, 1966?
2 Campus Aerials
View from Shrine; Mullen Library from Shrine; Southeast view from Shrine; North view; South view; “Little Rome” clipping; Northeast view from Crypt Church; South view from McMahon Hall, snow scene; From McMahon Hall; View of trees; Mullen Library; Northview, with buildings numbered; Trees in front of Gibbons Hall; View from Shrine; Southeast view from Shrine; Southeast view from Shrine tower: Graduate Hall, Albert Hall, Gibbons Hall, Dominican House of Studies; Northeast view from Shrine tower: dome of Shrine, McMahon Hall, Shahan Hall; Printed map
3 Campus Aerials
North view from Dominican House, Leahy Hall of Law School, ca. 1967-1969; Administrator Building; View from Shrine, ca. 1967-1969
4 Albert Hall
Southeast view from Shrine site, ca. 1920, Apostolic Mission House in background; North and west view, Apostolic Mission House in background; Dormitory Room; North and West view, Residence Hall, 1968; June 1970, before its demolition; South and East view; West and North view, lots of U.S. Flags; Southeast view from Shrine site, ca. 1904-1913, Apostolic Mission House in background; North and West view, March 1913; Interior; Seen through the trees; Demolition, 1970; Exterior, East and North view, circular shot, ca. 1969; West and North view, lots of U.S. flags; Demolition; South and East view
5 Administration Building-The Apostolic Mission House
South and West view; “There shall be one fold and one shepherd,” statement above main door; Paulist Apostolic Mission House, after the building was closed in December 1995 and all departments moved to Leahy Hall; View of bottom of one of the front balconies; North and West view; North view
6 Adrian Dominican House of Studies
North and West view; West and South view, October 1935
7 Architecture Building-temporary building, 12/5/47
South and East view, two story structure, December 1947
8 Atonement Seminary, 1920-1930s
Located in Brookland ("Little Rome"); Front and left side; Exterior, left side view
Box Folder
32 1 Augustinian College
Taken before building was demolished in 1996, interior and exterior, Harewood Rd.; Exterior, first building, East and South view, Affiliated College of the Augustinians; East view of Chapel
2 The Boys Town Center for the Study of Youth Development
Exteriors; negatives and contact sheets; Building's sign; West view; Second floor patio; Second floor patio, Marist Hall in background; Front courtyard; Front column; View of front courtyard from top of steps looking South; Southeast corner of building; Northern view of courtyard steps; Northwest corner of building; View of courtyard and Western side of building; Opening, October 1977
3 The Boys Town Center for the Study of Youth Development
Statue, “Two Brothers"; Statue lifting, raising; “He ain't heavy, Father...He's m' brother."; People viewing; Close-up of statue faces; Statue, Building in background
4 The Boys Town Center for the Study of Youth Development
Interiors; Main lobby, view from stairs; Entrance; View of structure from above; View of entrance from above, interior; Foyer, Offices, Auditorium; View of Entrance from above; View of stairs from above; Foyer; Stairs
5 The Boys Town Center for the Study of Youth Development
Interiors; Stairs; Second Story Entrance; Foyer, view from stairs; Foyer, view from second floor; View across second floor; Exit to second patio; Second Floor; Seats in Auditorium; Desks in Classroom
6 The Boys Town Center for the Study of Youth Development
Interiors; Meeting Room; Offices and staff; Group Counseling by caseworker; Equipment; Prints on Wall; Construction; Construction, Winter scene; Artist's rendering of similar facility in Omaha, Nebraska; Foyer, reception; Students; Blessing of Building; Cincinnati Bengals player, Ross Browner, singing autographs; Director?
7 Brady and Butler Hall
West view from center of campus, ca. 1920; West and South view at addition of North wing, ca. 1920; West and South view before Shields Hall; Architect's rendering, Catholic Sister's College; Full West facade; West and South view at addition of North wing, 1923; South and West view of South Wing; Shields Hall, Our Lady of the Angels House, St. Mary's House, D'Youville House, Brady Hall at Catherine Sister's College, North view from before Shields Hall; North and West view of North wing; West and South view from future site of Shields Hall, 1923; North view from before Shields Hall: Shields Hall, Divine Providence House of Studies, Brady Hall; East view from center of campus; Chemistry laboratory, interior; Butler, interior
Box Folder
33 1 Brookland
Cardinal 1916; ca. 1955; Roads; Cars; Holy Cross Fathers House of Studies; Father Mathais; Taylor Harewood Area
2 Caldwell Hall
South view, ca. 1946; South view, snow scene; View of Steeple; Northwestern view; Front (West) door; Front (West) entrance, snow scene; Full front West and South end, mounted; North view, snow scene; 1910-1911 Yearbook; Front and North View; Drawing of Cornerstone laying ceremony; East view, three trees; Front entrance; Face carved in column; Face carved, base of arch; Close-up of exterior wall; Windows; Light; Print from Harper's Weekly, Bust of Miss Mary Gwendolen Caldwell; Architect's drawing of exterior with schematic of interior; Theological portion of the University Library
3 Caldwell Hall
Exterior; West and South view; Construction of Auditorium addition, Southeastern view; Front door of auditorium; Artist rendering of auditorium addition; Digging foundation; Dining room construction; South entrance and street construction; Southern view; Stairs on Eastern side; Courtyard behind auditorium addition
4 Caldwell Hall
Interior; Dedication of Chapel of Allates(?) of Mary Immaculate, November 1939; Villeuaum(?), Cardinal J.M. Rodrique(?); St. Thomas window; Our Lady of Washington, 1924; Auditorium; Dining Hall; People eating; Archway; South entrance; Hallway, multiple exposures; Hallway; Damage to wall; Damage to arch; Damage to front of pillar; Mass, service; Religious life; Students talking, ca. 1960-1969
5 Campus Scenes Negatives and Glass Slides
6 Campus Scenes
East view of campus; Cars in parking lot at rear; Maintenance worker with rake on shoulders; Laying pipes; Construction; Mowing lawn; Students walking; People on sidewalk from McMahon Hall; South view at road along Leahy Hall; Barefoot girl playing frisbee; Student life; South view at Shrine, Leahy Hall to West; Wooden track, Brookland Avenue; McCort Hall, Ward Hall Passage; Stone steps; Tree tops; Reception; Flowers in bloom; Female students; Shrine from behind Hanan Hall; McMahon Hall; Mullen Library, Shahan Hall, Keane Hall from across mall; Caldwell, Hanan, McMahon Hall; Construction; Parking lot between Caldwell, McMahon, Hanan Hall construction; Rear of Regan, Ryan Hall, ca. 1946; Southwest view from Pangborn entrance
Box Folder
34 1 Campus scenes,
Mullen Library, Keane Physics Research Center, Campus School; Christ the King Celebration on Football Field, 1950; Caldwell Hall; Cars; Ford; Mustang; 1960s; Students; Summer; Trees; Shrubs; Sun through trees; Students in tree; Trees and clouds
2 Campus scenes
East view of McMahon Entrance and St. Thomas Hall; East view of Harewood Rd.: Caldwell Hall and McMahon Hall; Artistic trees; Chairs; Seats; Flowers; Plants; McMahon Hall through trees; Students hiking; Sheet tent on Campus Mall; Student sidewalk painting; Motorcycles; Windows; Exterior walls; Steps; Stairs; Dirt path, ca. 1915-1920; Campus main walk, 1929; Northwast view from site of Holiday Inn construction, Salvation Scholasticate, Martin, Maloney Hall, ca. 1963; Caldwell Hall step; South view from St. Thomas Hall site: Mullen Library, Albert Hall; Shahan Hall and Mullen Library, from Mall; Shrine through circular lens; Students outside, person in knight costume with nun; Students on Mall, ca. 1963; Nursing, Biology, McCort Hall, Ward Hall, Mullen Library
3 Campus Snow Scenes
Snow scenes, McMahon Hall; McMahon across Mall; Caldwell snow; Trees across Mall; Ground level towards Mullen; South view from McMahon; Snow Post Office box in front of Mullen Library; Snow view from upper floor of McMahon; Snow parking lot; Tree with Gibbons Hall in background; Tree though park; Students walking in snow, Keane Hall; Campus security, parking tickets; School of Music; Campus Map; McMahon Hall; Cars in Parking lot; Snowman on Mall; Tree, shrub circle in front of McMahon; From O'Boyle towards Shrine
4 Capuchin House of Studies, Catholic Medical Mission House
Capucchin College of St. Francis; Catholic Medical Mission House
5 Centennial Village; Chaminade College; Children's Hospital
Contents of cornerstone, photo and list; Chaminade College, front; Children's Hospital, front
6 Conaty Hall; Curley Hall; Discalced Carmelites Monastery
Conaty postcard; Architect's rendering; Conaty construction; Front; Curley cornerstone laying, 1939; South and East view; West and South view; South wing; main entrance; South wing entrance; window; Stone walk; Discalced Carmelites Monastery, Rhode Island Ave and 1st NE area
7 Divine Providence House of Studies; Dominican House of Studies
Divine Providence House, Sister's College; Front view; Dominican House, Dominican College, Chapel Interior; Construction, ca. 1955; from across street; from across field
Box Folder
35 1 Donald Hall,
Donald apartments, front view
2 Dufour Center
Construction; Dedication; Workers; Crane; Architect rendering; Interior; Barry, Marion S.; Byron, William J.; Groundbreaking, 1984; Architect model
3 Duns Scotus House of Studies; Edgewood Laboratory (CUA use 1967)
front view
4 Engineering Bldg. (temp.); Flather Hall; Fransciscan House of Studies; Franciscan Monastery
Engineering Temporary building, 1947, front; Flather Hall, architect renderings; Flather construction; Sister's College, Franciscan House, side, front; Franciscan Monastery, Chapel interior; exterior from garden; front view
5 Gibbons Hall: Cornerstone and Dedication Ceremony, 10/12/1911
6 Gibbons Hall,
Front door; Snow; Tower; Front from Mall; from Shrine; Students; Gibbons Hall, 1968; Students, 1968; Chapel; From McMahon; From Michigan Avenue; Gibbons, 1912; Front, ca. 1940; Upper stairs from Mall; Plaque, 1998; Students at entrance
7 Gowan Hall; Gymnasium
Architect rendering, pre- 1961; Nursing; Construction; Front; Del Boccio Hotel; Comfort Inn; Gym Interior with chairs for graduation, 1940; Crough Hall; Swimming pool; Floor renovation; Workers; Handicapped children's concert, Christmas 1962; Students swimming, ca. 1960-1969; Architect drawings
Box Folder
36 1 Hartke Theatre
Includes images from 1969 Dedication Ceremony; Robb, Lyda; Porter, Sidney; McMahon, Ed; Father Hartke, Gilbert; Sarandon, Susan?, 1968; Architect rendering; First floor plan; Building front; Stone sculpture; Callan Theater; View across plaza; Pillars; Front columns; Dressing rooms; Stage; Dance class
2 Holy Comforter-St. Cyrians; Holy Cross College Foreign Mission; Holy Redeemer College; Holy Trinity Missionary College
Holy Cross College, front view; Community on front steps; Chapel interior; Clergy and laymen on front steps; Holy Redeemer College, front view; main, front entrance; House used as college until 1934; Holy Trinity, view from street; Silver Spring house
3 Holy Name College, “The House"-CUA Campus Ministry; Intercultural Center; International Student Center
Holy Name, front entrance; “The House,” Back entrance; Front entrance; Front entrance with sign, 1978; Intercultural, front; International, front; International, front with sign, 1978
4 Interpreting Institutions
Donald Residence; Dining Hall; Sister's College; Campus School; Oak Terrace Residence; New Mubanin(?) Department Building
5 Keane Hall: Construction and Dedication Ceremony, 1957
Physics; Architect rendering; McDonald, William J.; O'Boyle, Patrick A.; Killian, James R., Jr.; Herzfeld, Karl F.; McAllister Joseph A.; Band; 1958
6 Keane Hall, LaSalle College,
Keane, 1968; Front Entrance; McDonald, William J.; Cornerstone laying
7 Leahy Hall: Construction and Dedication Ceremony, 5/1/1966
Law Building, 1966; Leahy, groundbreaking, 1965; McDonald, William J.; Architect rendering; Building front; Bricks; Workers; Construction; Rector; Mrs. Leahy; Magner
8 Leahy Hall, ca. 1967-1999
Front entrance; Students; In Snow
9 Little Flower College; Madison Bank; Maloney Hall; Margot Hall,
Little Flower, front view; Madison Bank (1976), front view, Signet Bank (1991); Maloney, snow; Student; Parking lot; Side view; Front view; Laboratory; Students on front steps; Stonework, windows; Auditorium; Margot, front view
10 Marian House of Studies; Marianist Bldg.; Marist Hall; Marist Seminary; Maryknoll House; Maryland University Chapel
Marian House, front view; Marianist, Virgin Mary Statue; Side entrance; Rear wing; Marist, front view; Back view; Floor Emblem, 1997; Across garden; Provincial House; Maryknoll, front view; Chapel in snow
Box Folder
37 1 McCarthy Building; McCort Hall (Biology)
McCarthy, entrance near football field; McCort, Ward architect renderings; Construction; Parking lot; Windows; Glass doors; Opening, dedication; Commencement, 1962
2 McMahon Hall
View from Shrine; Inscriptions; Clock; Side window; Side stairway; Fire Escape; Shrine in foreground; from Mullen Library; Lower stairs; Student through doorway; Front porch; Students on Mall, McMahon in background; Book store; Snow scene; Student in front; Student in bookstore; Students on stairs; Law Library; Defaced clock; From Gibbons Hall; From Gibbons Hall, ca. 1910; Front view, ca. 1946; Across Mall, 1968
3 McMahon Hall
Lobby, statue of Pope Leo XIII; Student; Front view, 1957; Snow scene; East view; Auditorium; Post Office; Campus Store; from Gibbons Hall; Front entrance; Front Drive; From Shrine; Library, ca. 1913; Bookstore, pre- 1931; Lobby, entryway to Pope Leo XIII statue; Upper level windows; Students by statue
4 McMahon Hall
Front view through trees; Student, front entrance, 1978; Clock; Front drive, 1976; Pillar with ivy; Worker renovation interior; Students front entrance, 1978; Ivy on window and portico; From Gibbons, snow; Side view, front porch; Post Office; Caldwell and McMahon
5 Metro, Brookland-CUA
Opening crowd, 1978; Opening Ceremony; Students riding; Construction, Shrine in background
6 Model School; Monroe Hall
Catholic Sister's College; Oblique view; Front entrance; Monroe Construction; Holiday Inn Construction sign
7 Mullen Library
005-037; Interior, foyer, golden jubilee setting, 1938-1939; Students, foyer, 1964; Card Catalog; Main stairwell; Kelp, Rosabelle; Retirement; Circulation desk, 1983; First floor study area; Student in window; Study group; From McMahon, ca. 1946; From top of McMahon, ca. 1946; Architect rendering; Construction; Front entrance; Through trees; Students in front; from Gibbons Hall; Library Addition; Addition Construction; from East doorway of Shrine
Box Folder
38 1 Mullen Library
045-082; Statue of Pope Pius XII, 1940; Library, 1952-1953; Construction; Crane lifting arch keystone; Cars; Students; Front entrance; Through trees; Office space; Main foyer; Stacks; Alumni Center; From mall, 1957; From Gibbons Hall; Students at display case; Reference; Circulation; Students studying; Priest working on manuscripts; Card catalog; main staircase; Front entrance, 1974; Outdoor light; Front door, 1983; Reading room renovation; Regler, Catherine, 1939; Mrs. Dorsey, 1939; Circulation desk, 1939; Bust on main stairway; Friends of Library reception, 1978
2 Mullen Library
083-137; Library, 1939, 1945; Construction; Artist rendering; Biology library stacks, ca. 1987; Theology library stacks, ca. 1987; Humanities stacks, ca. 1987; Gift and exchange area, ca. 1987; Canon law stacks, ca. 1987; Columns, 1974; Top of main doorway; Front entrance from parking lot; Basement, Room 26; Mission Books; Fields, Charlotte; Philippines Ambassador; Decoration on front door; Engineering and architecture library; Windows; Couple with baby in stroller in front of Mullen; Inscription over main doorway; aerial view in snow; Stonework over window; Library, 1952-1953; Inscription on top of building; Architect rendering; First, second floor layouts; Students in study room; Worker painting sidewalk curb; Fixing windows; Capitals of pillars, 1974; Students in stacks; Students in reference; Students using microfilm readers
3 National Catholic School of Social Service
Front of building
4 National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (1),
002-038; Crypt; Shrine, 1943; Sketches, renderings, models; Construction, 1955, 1958; Workers; Temporary building; Procession for laying cornerstone, 1917; Cardinal Gibbons
5 National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (2),
039-074; Procession for laying cornerstone, 1917; Cardinal Gibbons; Blessing of site, 1920; Archbishop Bonzano; Main alter, pre- 1955; Mosaic; Photographers; Service; Roof line; Steeple; Entrance, 1958; Painting of Virgin?; Floorplan; Presentation of Mary Memorial Alter, 1928; Aerial, pre- 1955; Procession into Shrine; Front circle; From Harewood Rd.; Organ keyboard; Kennedy (book) photocopies of images
Box Folder
39 1 National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (3),
075-110; Procession; Main Alter; Mosaic; Crypt service; Candles; Inscription; From traffic circle; from Gibbons Hall; Perry, Shawn; Photo archive; From Mall; From Caldwell Hall; Student studying on Mall, Shrine in background; Through trees; From Michgan Avenue; From McMahon Hall; Dome through stonework; Dome and Steeple; Alongside Caldwell Hall, 1972; From Mullen Library; From North
2 National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (4),
111-131; Dome; Elevate view of Dome; Dome through trees; Steeple silhouette; Architect rendering; From Drive; Service from behind alter; Evening Shrine; Snow Scene; Circular view, McMahon Hall in background; From Mall; Steeple from front drive; Steeple with sun behind; Motorcycle in front; Mosaic; Architect model
3 Newton Theater (Brookland); North Dining Hall; Nugent Hall
Newton, front view; Band in front of Theater; Trombone choir; North Dining, architect rendering; Construction; Interior; Front view; 1968; Cornerstone; Kitchen; Nugent Hall groundbreaking, 1940; Father Lehayne, Jeremiah; Father Kammer, Edward; Hogan, Mimi (Mrs. Hogan, Frank); Father Winnie, Marshall; Doheny, Estelle (Mrs. Doheny, Edward L.); Kelley, Rose; Hogan, Frank; Anderson, Daisy; McNiel, Lawrence; Father Ward; Front view; Garden and statue
4 Nursing Building; Big Oak Terrace Residences; O'Boyle Hall,
Nursing Biology Addition, Architect rendering; Looking up hill; Lawn with sign, 1968; Oak Terrace, front view, 1968; Holy Cross College; O'Boyle Hall, front; Students on front lawn; Front entrance; Front entrance, from stairway up hill; Side view; Angled front; From bottom of hill, in front of Marist
5 O'Boyle Hall; Oblates of St. Francis de Salles; Observatory ruins; Olney Theater; Our Lady of Angels House of Studies
O'Boyle, dedication, Symposium, 1973; Bishop McManus; Cardinal O'Boyle, Patrick; Oblates of St. Francis, front view; Observatory ruins, Curley in background, 1997; Olney Theater, front view; Our Lady, front, 1955; Backgound: D'Youville House of Studies at Catholic Sisters College
6 Thomas W. Pangborn Bldg.
Pangborn, across street, 1968; Looking down hill; Dedication, 1968; Construction; Construction, 1960; Architect rendering; Architect model; Students at front entrance; Pangborn and McCort-Ward Halls; Entrance from sunken walkway; Lightpost; Damage to stairwell; Front entrance; Chair; Walkway cover from sunken path; Inscription; Stairs platforms; Oswald, Chuck (Charles); Ornamentation of Justice; Fraternity symbol
Box Folder
40 1 Power Plant; Perry Hall; Providence Hospital; Pryzbyla Plaza; Reardon Hall; Agnes Regan Hall; Ryan Hall; Redemptionist College
Power plany, from street; From construction site; ca. 1912; Interior, new boilers, 1935; Perry Hall, front; From street; Providence Hospital construction; Aerial view, 1956; Pryzbyla plaza, overhead view; Students, ca. 1965; Reardon construction; Bathroom stalls, 1977; Graffiti; Cornerstone; Regan, aerial; Front view; St. Vincent de Paul Chapel, background; Architect rendering; Front entrance; Back view; Ryan Hall, front view, 1968; Redemptionist College, dedication, 1934
2 St. Anselm's Abbey; St. Bonaventure Hall; St. Getrude's School of Arts and Crafts; St. John Hall; St. Joseph's Seminary
St. Anselm's through trees; South Dakota Avenue and 14th st.; New addition, rear; St. Bonaventure, front; From Michigan Avenue; Front door; St. Gertrude's, front; St. John, 1939; Front view; Side view, 1968; Fallen tree; St. Joseph, groundbreaking, 1929; Ryan, James H.; Front view
3 St. Louis Cathedral; St. Paul's College; St. Thomas Hall (Construction Folder 1); St. Thomas Moore-House of Studies; St. Vincent de Paul Chapel
St. Louis Cathedral, drawing; St. Paul's College, cornerstone laying, 1913; Construction; St. Thomas Hall, front; Oblate House of Studies; 1940; Front of building; construction of building, ca. 1925; East view; Shrine in background; Thomas Moore House, front; St. Vincent de Paul Chapel, snow scene; Front entrance; Alter; Interior; Students on stairs
4 Salve Regina Hall; Shahan Hall; Shields Hall; Salvatorian Scholasticate
Salve Regina, 1939-1940; Construction, 1924; Hall and chapel; From Caldwell Hall, 1968; Shahan Hall, 1960; NCSSS; Front entrance; Students on steps, 1978; Front view, St. Thomas Hall in background; Shields, construction; Architect rendering; Front entrance; Shields Mausoleum; Salvatorian Scholasticate, angled front
5 Sister's College-St. Mary's House of Studies; Sister's College Chapel; Sisters of Mercy; Spalding Hall
Sister's College, Aerial photograph, ca. 1939; Brady Memorial Hall, front view; Sedes Sapientiae, front view; St. Mary's House of Studies, front view; Chapel, front view; Sisters of Mercy, front view; Spalding Hall, construction; Front interior; Landscaping; Architect rendering; Students on steps; Cornerstone blessing, 1964
6 Trinity College; (campus aerial); Trinity College-Old Phi Kappa House; United States Hotel
Trinity College, front view; Aerial view, ca. 1940; Phi Kappa House, snow scene; United States Hotel, Long Branch, NJ, 1965
7 Stadium ground-breaking 1923; Stucco Bldg. (Maintenance); Temporary Theater
Stadium, view from stands, ca. 1924, ca. 1930; Football team warming up, ca. 1946; Bus backed up to stands, 1976l; Baseball game, ca. 1946; Construction, 1923; Stadium and St. Johns Hall; Victory Mobile, ca. 1955; Groundbreaking, 1923; Stucco Building, Aerospace building, ca. 1900; Geography Building, 1968; Theater, fire department; Temporary Theater, front view, 1968; Interior, seating; Theater, snow scene
Box Folder
41 1 Theological College; University Station (railway stop)
Theological College, Suplician Seminary; Front view; Building corner; Through trees; Construction, 1964; From Michigan Avenue; Students in kitchen; University Station, view looking up hill; Fire damages, 1970
2 University Center East
Center entrance; Knights of Columbus Church, 1939; Architect rendering; Aerial rendering; Construction, 1959; Wing construction; Students in front, ca. 1960; Front view, 1960; Interior, students; Interior, cafeteria; Cardinal Center lounge; Front entrance
3 University West
Front view; Windows; Elevated view, ca. 1945; Students on stairs, ca. 1965; Graduate Hall, 1968; Students in cafeteria, ca. 1940s; Students on lawn; Lights at doorway; Architect rendering; Old dining hall; Dormitory room; Postcard, drawings; Construction of addition; Construction, 1914
4 Varnum Dining Hall; Vincentian Fathers House
Sister's College dining hall, Varnum; Architect rendering; Front view; Vencentian Fathers House, snow scene
5 Ward Hall (1)
School of Music; Front view; Arches; Construction; Construction on addition; Construction workers; Courtyard; Windows; Students; Back of building
6 Ward Hall (2)
Auditorium interior, 1940; Architect rendering for addition; Interior garden; Front entrance; Doorway; Side arches; Roof Construction; View from Leahy; Through window into office, Wagner painting
7 Washington Retreat House; Xaverian College; Zimmerman Hall
Washington Retreat House, front view; Xaverian College, rear view; Front view; Zimmerman Hall, architect rendering; Construction; Workers; Front view; Across Mall, female student; Rear view
Box Folder
42 1 Negatives, Campus Scenes 1952-1953
Snow McMahon; Caldwell in Snow; Christmas Tree, Shahan Hall background; Student Assembly, Maloney; Reum, Earl; Braungarolt, Wale; Debating Howard; Defense Assembly; Retreat, February 1953; Smith, Ignatius; University Mass; Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, March 1953; National Shrine Crypt Church; Father Campbell; New students; Course planning, September 1953; Frost at Luncheon, September 1952; Sigma Beta Kappa fraternity house; Pi Gamma Mu, Honorary Membership ceremony; Hearne, John J.; Smith, Maria (secretary of Dean of Men's Office); Dean of Women's Secretary; Ambassador to Italy, February 1953; Luce, Clare Booth, February 1953; National Presidential Campaign; Stevenson, Adlai, Nevember 1952; Student Assembly, October 1952; Phi Kappa, Sigma Beta Kappa houses; R.O.T.C.; Suppression of Tower Newsclippings
Series 5: Schools, Offices, and Departments, ca. 1886-1999 (17 boxes)
This series contains images of staff, students, and facilities of many of offices, departments, and schools existent during the last century. Several offices have had multiple names, and whenever possible, these names are noted. The photos have been collected from various individuals and University offices.
Box Folder
43 1 Administration-Business Office
Cardinal, 1916; ?, Tom, 1932; Press staff, 1947; Business office, 1939; Scenes, 1947; Electric mimeograph, Caldwell
2 Adult Education
Class, 1959
3 Aerospace and Atmospheric Sciences, Department of
Space Symposium Banquet, 1963; International Inn; Chang, C.C.; Mrs. Chang, C.C.; Biermann, L.; Dungey, J.E.; Experiment; Lights; Snowman balloon; Tornado jet
4 Alumni Office
1954; 1994
5 American Catholic Historical Association
Ellis, John Tracy; Melville, Annabelle; Trisco, Robert; Minnich, Nelson; Wolf, Anne (secretary)
6 Anthropology, Department of
?, Francis(?); Dahlin, Andrea; Schari, S.M.; Gusinde, Martin; Platzer, Wilfried; 1961; NE corner of laboratory, room 13 McMahon Hall, 1939; Experimental Super XX Flash
7 Archaeology, Department of
Mayan ceramic; El Mirador; Students; Matheny, Ray; Engebretsen, Mike; New Brighton, Minnesota; Mayan temple; Neilsen, Glenna; 1970; Skeletons; Dig sites; Dr. Gardener; Lewis, Tom
8 Art, Department of (1 of 2)
Nun; Swiss Artist's Exhibit; Statues and copies; Sister Jeannette; Charcoal sketching class; Mother Nagata(?), Japan; Fontanini, Clare; Students; Davis, Joseph
9 Art, Department of (2 of 2),
Ceramics class; Black Art Exhibit; Students; Davis, Joseph
10 Arts and Sciences, Department of
de Bettencort)?), Francis; O'Connor; McCarrier; Bode, Roy; Champlin, J.S.; McCormick, Patrick J., 1946; Bertrand, Kenneth J.; Morton, C.B., 1973; Hass, Francis J.; McGuire, Martin R.P.; Botero, Felix Henao; Larson, Oscar; Pinto, Heraclito Sobral; Tonoso, Julio Tobar; Coelho, Jose Vieira, 1942
Box Folder
44 1 Athletics-Baseball
1910 team: Kelley; Tobin; Widmeyer; Noonan; Hessler; Clancy; Greene; McDonnell; De Vries; Cantwell; McGrady
2 Athletics-Baseball
1913 team: Moran; Lambert; Pipp; Donnelly' Hayes; Trayers; Friexas; Horan; Greene; Curran; Maguire; Ryan; McDonald; Zachary; Lynch; Bayne; 1910 Team: Walker, Richard H.; Parker, Brady E.; Quidley, James F.; Downey, Richard R.; Cooper, Donald C.; ca. 1970s; Late 1980s, early 1990s; Roach, Neil; 1949
3 Athletics-Basketball
1923-1924 teams: Mulville; Donoghue; McCormack; Kirby; McIntyre; Flanigan; Garvin; Mitchell; Rice, Fred; Fitzgerald; Lynch; Lawlor; Eberts; Breslin; 1924-1925 team: Ryan; McIntyre; Keale; Rice, Fred; Kinney; Garvin; Fitzgerald; Bailey; Donoghue
4 Athletics-Basketball, Men's-Team Photos
1911-1912 team; 1912-1913 team: Furey, William H.; Clancy, John T.; Rice, Frederick J.; Horan, James; Donnell, Charles M.; Derby, Joseph; Ryan, Thomas B.; Keegan, Daniel F.; Lambert, John; Donnelly, William J.; 1915-1916 team: Noriss, Walter; Moran, C.V.; Hinchcliffe, Leo; Rice, Fred; Cleary, Leo H.; Caffery, James A.; Cartwright, Harold; Keegan, Daniel; Shortley, Michael; Gallivan, Harold F.; McMahon, John K.; Rutlege, Raymond; undated team; Eberts, Bernard; Meaney, Leou(?) R.; Boesler, J.A.; Lawlor, Joe; Fitzgerlad, John J.; Lynch, Eddie; 1921-1922 team: O'Connor; Eberts; Donoghue; Meaney; Fasce; Donovan; Lynch; Lawlor; Yeager; 1922-1923 team: Meaney; Flanigan; McNamara; Larkin; Rice, Fred; Fitzgerald; Breslin; Lawlor; Eberts; Lynch, “Ace"; ca. 1973-1974
5 Athletics-Basketball, Men's-Individuals
Block, Mike; Brown, “Zeke", 1937; Burgess, Tom; Cioffari, Bob; Consentino, Rich; Cuttica, John; Dean, Steve; Fessler, Mike; Finn, Bill; Garwood, Rich; Graban, Mike; Krasinski, Ron; Lueke, Mark; McClure, Mark; McGlynn, Gene; Schmarr, Herm; Smith, Ed; Speicher, Emmett; Stefanic, Mike; Washington, Barry; Wilson, Billy
6 Athletics-Basketball
Stevens, Doug; Horan, Gene; Walton; Adrian, Bob; D'Alessio, Luke, late 1980s; Wills, Kenny, late 1980s; Healy, Chris, 1976; D'Alessio, Luke, 1983-1984; McNiff, A.J., 1983-1984; Kolonics, Glenn, 1977; Freeman, Hal; Johnson, Tony; McGowan, Paul; Foote, Tom
7 Athletics-Basketball, Women's
1971-1972 team; 1982-1983 team; 1983-1984 team; Becker, Cecelia; Athey, Steve; Veith, Barbara; Brown, Julie; Cordes, Patricia; Favo, Maureen; Guthrie, Sharon; Fisher, Leslie; Spannbauer, Dave; Selden, Mike; Fisher, Maria; Kellaher, Lisa; Keegan, Colleen; Brennan, Sheila; Peloso, Jackie; Grafmuller, Mary Beth; Keegan, Colleen, 1983-1984; Brown, Julie; 1983-1984
8 Athletics-Boxing-Alumni Reception, Homecoming 2004
LaFond, Eddie (1931-1955); 1921; 1948 team: Greenberg, M.; Redmond, J.; Incarnato, J.; Groves, W.; Dundun, G.; Walsh, J.; Barrow, B.; Spiegel, V.; Hennessy, A.; Arnold, J.; Wing, T.; Maher, W.; Ennis, W.; Cronin, T.; Daly, W.; Murray, F.; ca. 1960s
9 Athletics-Boxing
1940 team: LaFond, Edmund (Eddie); Tromper, Dick, 1948-1949; Rouse, Roger, LaRowe Trophe wimmer, 1957; Mix, Fred, 1938; Redmond, Jack, 1950; Snider, Rich, 1948; Arnold, Johnnie, 1948; Stant, Fred; Carter, R.H., 1950; Cronin, Tom; Ennis, Bucky, 1950; Gaffney, Leo F., 1941; 1932-1933 team: Stines, Frank; Di Giacomo, Harry; Thibodeau, Edward; Flynn, Hugh; Calabrese, William; Miro, Ruben; Gearty, Thomas; Marvelias, Basil; Boxing Clinic, Army Base, LaFond, Eddie, 1955; Robinson, Mark; Sigholtz, Robert; 1953; Munson, Delbert E.; Reynolds, Charlie; Hughes, Denny
Box Folder
45 1 Athletics-Cheer/Pep
Women and Men; Students
2 Athletics-Field Hockey
Women; 1971-1972
3 Athletics-Football
1932, 1933, and 1934 teams
4 Athletics-Football-Team Photos
1911 team; 1916 team: Rooney; Killion; Straub; Murphy; Green; McLaughlin; Manning; Munhall; Butler; Rogers; Shortley; 1922-1923 team, Observatory in background: Eberts, Bernard “Dutch"; May, Tobey; Mahoney, J.; Lynch, Edward J.; Voor, Bernard H.; 1928 team: Champa; Gerth; Malevitch; McCabe; Schmidt; Zeno; Raiche; O'Brien; Murphy; Reilly; Menke; De Sopo; McNamara; Mullen; Hennessy; Smith; Chenworth; McAuliffe; Sheehan; Clark; Smith, H.; O'Connor; Mansfield; 1931 team: Lyons, Jim; Nally, J.; Nally, T.; Preston; Longo; Monaco; Sheary; Baraldi; Whelan; DeMallo; Lyons, John; Flynn; Lennon;; Donaher; Campbell; Farris; Jankowski; Conter; Duscha; Howe; Billinger; Fraatz; Bertoni; Ball; Halleron; Pyne; McVean, C.; Lauer; Baumgardner; Maley; Stafford; Gross; Stapleton; Guarnieri; Gunyan; Scuderi; Cotton; Oliver; Ambrose; White; Callender; McVean, R.; Moffett; Vlk; Bergman; 1936: Carroll, “Irish” Maurice; Foley, “Speck"; Makofske, Bob; Adamaitis, Bill; Pirro, C.; Shine, Lou; White, John; Sabo, Art; Conlen, Red; Strang, Gerry; Calabrese, Al; Brostek, Hank; Fiorellino, John; Pirro, Rocco; Moutenot, Charley; !939 coaches: Berman, Arthur J. “Dutch"; Baugh, Sammy; Millner, Wayne; Cotton, Forrest “Fed"; 1940 Sun Bowl team: Brostek; Dunn; Bunsa; Sant; Ambrogio; Guyon; Calabrese; Pirro, R.; Miller; Sabo; Fiorellion; Sarelas; Schulman; Strang; Kane; Sachon; White; Wowek; Torpey; Murnane; DuBois; Donovan; Reidy; LaFond; Cherello; Schroeder; Griffin; Norris; Stant; Eidness; Laukaitis; Shine; Carrig, T.; krawczel; Bergman; Cotton; Carrig, J.; Ksycewski; Moutenot; Mulvey; Osinski; Stanges; Conlen; Nemec; Pirro, C.; Lauritzen; Roth; 1965 team
5 Athletics-Football-Individuals
Adamaitis, William A., 1937; Aquotaster, Eugene, 1933; Ambrose, John V., 1931; Ball, John, 1933; Billinger, Norbert P., 1932; Carroll, Maurice “Irish", 1938; Christianson, James, 1933; Conter, Bill, 1933; Donaher, Francis P., 1931; Du Bois, George, 1939; Finn, Thomas, 1933; Flynn, Hugh P.; Fraatz, Vincent, 1932; ; Gearty, Gerald, 1933; Gearty, Thomas J., 1935; Gross, Philip, 1932; Howe, Ray, 1932; Jankowski, John J., 1933; Karpowich, Edwin, 1933; Katalinas, Leo, 1938; Lagousky, William, 1933; Lennon, Edward, 1933; Lyons, James; Lyons, John, 1933
6 Athletics-Football-Individuals
McVean, Charles, 1933; Menke, George, 1930; Monaco, Nick, 1931; Mullen, Francis R., 1931; Nally, Thomas, 1933; Oliva, John, 1931; Oliver, Tom; Pirro, Rocco, 1940; Pirro, Carmon, 1939; Selino, Alfred E., 1935; Sheary, Lester J.; Shine, Lou, 1940; Sochon, Victor, 1938; Stafford, Floyd, 1933; Vidnovic, Burke, 1939; White, Edgar, 1933; Guyon, Indian Joe; unnamed players, ca. 1950-1959
7 Athletics-Football
CUA vs. St. Peters, November 1965, only game of 1965; Orange Bowl, 1936: Sports writers; Bergman, “Dutch"; LaFond, Eddie; Clark; Howe; Kellet; Stafford; Lyons, john; Whelan; DeMello; Fraatz; Nally; Kelley; Monaco; Sheary; Ambrose; Gross; Killian Field
8 Athletics-Lacrosse
9 Athletics-Soccer
1971-1972 team: Skinner, Steve; Braden, Spruille; Cavanaugh, John; Habib, Adnan; Morales, Mario; Weil, Richard; Sullivan, Tom; Stelmach, Roman; Lacomba, Rafael; Vejdani, Abbas; Elie, Fred; Christodoulakis, John; Kuyatt, Brian; Cruz, Ruben; Mychajluk, Nick; Chung, Albert; Emekli, Hicabi; Shallal, Tony; Yen, Paul; Brick, Bob; McKenney, Dave; Galvez, Bob; Ward, Fred
10 Athletics-Swimming
1924-1925 team: Orme; Lehrfeld; Fitzgerald; Biberstein; Gallagher; Mangan; Florence; Sullivan; Farrell; Estevez; Chambliss
11 Athletics-Swimming and Diving
Zauner, Dick; Ziernicki, Bob; Cole, Art; Brennan, Dick; Lanman, George; Kaufman, Gil; Harris, Dave; Bechert, Skip; Bonnikie, Gene; Deriham, Jack; Hengstler, Jake; Kalafatich, Tony; McNeice, Don; McCarthy, John; Whelan, Frank; Baugher, Keats, 1987
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46 1 Athletics-Tennis-Men's and Women's
1923-1924 team: Kirby; Regan; Brock; Kuwaski; Gorman; 1924-1925 team: Samayoa; Kuwaski; Regan; Chambliss; Stapleton; 1972-1973 team: Weadock, Ouisia; Ford, Martha; Steine, Kathy; Walskee, Tricia; Boder, Kate; McKenzie, Debbie; Lipez, Larry; Freeman, Hal; Vas, Irwin
2 Athletics-Track
1920 and 1947 teams
3 Athletics-Track-Men's and Women's
1931 team; 1935 team; 1958 Sprint Medley Relay Champios: Matthews, George; Orman, Tom; Libert, John; Derro, Frank; Griffith, Dorsey, 1939; Vischio, Mario, 1939; 1938-1939 team; Hickey, John, ca. 1931; McGuigan, Gayle, 1931; Junior House Sports, 1939: McAvoy, A.; McKenna, J.; McSweeney, J.; McGee, Jerry(?), ca. 1983-1984; Robinson, Mark; Hughes, Caroline, 1982
4 Athletics-Unidentified
Bergman, Arthur J. “Dutch"; White, Edgar, 1934; Harris Trophy Award, 1934; Letterman, 1928; McCurnin(?), Kernan; Sefcik, Andy; Cuifiero(?); Gene; Duttey(?), Bob; Feild, Jim; Turner, James C.; Yonchulis, Joe; 1959; Pirro, Rocco; Ryan, John, class of 1989; Therapy
5 Athletics-Volleyball-Women's
6 Athletics-Wrestling
1988-1989 club; Meiu(?), Cindy; Albergo, Drew; McCarthy, Mike; Delvescoso, Tim; McLaughlin, K.P.; Clark, Art; Bentis, Ted; Caroli, John; Strazella, Steve; Donahue, Jim; McCabe, Chip; Smith, Greg; Le, Nghia
Box Folder
47 1 Biology, Department of
Students; test tubes; mixing machine; Nun, 1960; Class, 1966; Mendel Symposium, 1965; Mobile lab, 1964; O'Neill; Dr. Hugh, 1940; Botany, Dr. Tidestrom, Ivor, 1939; Bech, Josephine, 1939
2 Campus Minsitry
Construction, 1988
3 Career Services
Mailboxes; Students
4 Celtic Studies, Department of
Cross of Inisfallen; Initial letter of missal; Corpus Christi College; Cross of Cong, 1123
5 Chemistry, Department of
Lecture room, 1913; Maloney Auditorium; Construction behind Maloney; Faculty; Laboratory; Students; May, Leopold; Dr. Talbott, 1944; Hurley, Sister Maureen, 1956; McNamara, Tom, 1956; Dr. Byrne(?), 1957; Dr. Talbott, 1957; Kokabany; Sister Marie Therese; Sister Mary Dolores; Haggerty, James F.; Braungart, Dale C.; Radio-active isotope laboratory; Polymerization Apparatus
6 Church History, Department of
IFCA Chairholders; Elizabeth Ann Seaton Chair
7 Clinic, Speech and Hearing
Dr. Walle; Inmate coaching; Sister Mary Cyprian
8 Commission on Admissions
9 Computer Center/Computer Science
Lewellen, Kara; Kurzweil; Boys Town equipment; Computing Center, 1962
10 Congressional Studies
Box Folder
48 1 Drama, Department of (1)
Hume, Paul; “The Telephone,” Menotti, 1952; Students; Plays; Mack, Ayl; Voet, Doug; “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"; “Werewolf"; Players, Inc.; European tour; “Taming of the Shrew"; White House Christmas Party, 1977; Sciscenti, christina; Meddaugh, Kelly; Correa, Denise; Spurlock, Debra; Lambert, Diane; Dohrewend, Cathy; “Godspell"; “Comedy of Errors"
2 Drama, Department of (2)
"Hamlet,” 1956; “Dr. Faustus,” 1956; “Oresteia,” 1957; “The Ticket of the Leave Man,” 1955; “Oedipus,” 1950; “The Cherry Orchard,” 1951; “The Birds,” 1948; “The Alchemist,” 1952; “Piccola Pisa,” 1952; “Nicholas and Alexandra,” 1971; “The Clouds"; “Othello"; “Romeo and Juliet"; “Twelfth Night"; Students and Plays; “Sex” play; Hartke Players, ca. 1978; “Arsenic and Old Lace"
3 Drama, Department of (3)
"Ah, Wilderness"; “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"; Olney Theater; “Taming of the Shrew"; Smith, Joseph; Smith, Robert; “A Flea in Her Ear"
4 Drama, Department of (4)
"A Flea in Her Ear"; “Lords a Wonder"; Dance; Auditions; U.S.O. Cast; Media; Equipment; National Players
5 Drama, Department of (5)
Channing, Carol, 1978; Hartke; Graham, William; Bonny, Helen; Music Classroom, 1978; Dulles, 1977; White House, 1977; Players, 1976, 1977
6 Drama, Department of (6)
Wilder, Thornton; Brady, John, 1933; Sheehy, Maurice S.; McCormick, Patrick J.; Colby, Anita, 1947; Johnston, Eric A.; Hartke, Gilbert V.; Benson, Albert C.; Byram, John; Denton, Robert H.; Joice, J. Maxwell; 1958; Brady, Leo, 1955; Fundraising, 1967-1968; President Eisenhower, 1955; “Brother Orchid,” 1939; “Portion of Foxes,” 1948; Scenery Construction; Sign Magazine; Eisenhower, 1956; Make up class; Graham, Bill; Hartke; Biddle, Livingstone, 1977
7 Drama, Department of (7)
Scenery construction; White House Christmas Party, 1977; President Carter, Jimmy; Mrs. Carter; Hartke; Orenstien, Toby
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49 1 Economics and Business Managment, Department of
Fitzpatrick, Paul J., 1946; Bolino, A.; Angus, Marion; Newhouse, Howard; Wood, Marion; Brower, Walter
2 Education, School of
1965; Steimel, Raymond; Laboratory, 1939; Yekovich, Frank R.; Children; Johnson, George; Henthorne, Sister Evangela; Madeleva, Sister Mary; Benoit, E. Paul; Rose, Sister Agnes, 1964; Kelly, Elizabeth, 1964; Kevane, 1964; Glorie, John W., 1965; Kennedy Institute, 1965; Committee on American Citizenship, 1965; Annunciata, Sister Mary; Model School; Airplane project, 1939
3 Engineering and Architecture-Planning Department
Department of Drawing, ca. 1913; 1955; Female students; 1961
4 Engineering and Architecture-Chemical Engineering
Distillation appartus; Barclay, 1955; Wehner, 1955
5 Engineering and Architecture-Civil Engineering
ca. 1913; Laboratory, Engineering Geology; 1955; 1963
6 Engineering and Architecture-Electrical Engineering
Scullen, A.J.; MacKavanaugh, T.J.; Magner, James A.; Building tape-cutting ceremony, ca. 1950; St. Johns Hall, 1939; Telephone experiment, 1939; Alternating Current Laboratory; Electronics and Communication Laboratory; 1955; 1957; Maher, George; Michalowicz, Joseph; Marlowe; Gass, Saul; Zauner, Joseph F., Jr., 1949; Jarosh, Stanley E.; Westinghouse Educational Foundation; McDonald, Willian J.; 1959
7 Engineering and Architecture- Mechanical Engineering Department; also Aeronautical, Nuclear, Aerospace and Atmospheric Science
Steam Engineering Laboratory, ca. 1913; Diesel Engine; Dynamometer; Refrigeratory Unit; Undershot Pelton Walter Wheel; Power House, Dynamo; Generators, Power plant; Power plant equipment; Lathe work; Welding fuselage; Airplane construction; Wind Tunnel entrance, 1939; 1955; Marlowe, Don; Jordan, Ed; Nuclear reactor, 1960; Space science, 1963; McDonald, William; Chang, C.;
Box Folder
50 1 Engineering and Architecture-General (1)
Geottelmann; Campus model, 1939; Architecture, ca. 1930-1939; Architecture library; Biberstein; Pangborn plans, 1952; Scale model, Pangborn; Jossa, Mario, class of 1960; Sociat, Aaron; ca. 1950-1959; Chemistry; Speech Clinic; Egg drop; Rudnick, Jim; Ebert, David; Sciubba, Enrico; Kelnhofer, William; Youm, Youngil; Lopez, Ivan; Smith, Jenny; American Society of Mechanical Engineers
2 Engineering and Architecture-General (2)
Khair, Abdel; Library addition sketch; 1977; NASA Earth Resources Technology Satellite, model; Le, Khanh; Lalla, J.F.; McCoy, Kevin; Glass Machine; O'Brien, Mike; Kim, Lena; Juries, 1983; Mack, Nancy
3 Engineering and Architecture-General (3)
Jessup, Pamela; Hiser(?), Frederick; Library; Pangborn; Watson, Gary; Campus plans; Perry, Lawrence; Hawkins, Don; Children; Nuclear Engineering; Fort Totten Development; Franklin Square; Ardmore Triangle; Food Service Facilities
4 Engineering and Architecture-General (4)
Architecture, Wilson, 1978; Engineering, 1978; Professor retirement, 1977; Dunn, 1977; Turner, Joe, 1977;
5 English, Department of
Foley, Richard n.; Department of English Head, 1930; Sister Inviotata(?), 1943; Concordance office, 1943; Seward, Frank
6 Center for Family Studies
Father Prister(?)
7 Fine Arts Council
Box Folder
51 1 Geography, Department of
Great Concave Map; Bertrand, Kenneth J.; Dutilly, Artheme A.; Faculty, Miss Kelp, 1964
2 Greek and Latin, Department of
3 History, Department of
American Church History Seminar, 1929-1930; Scharf, Bernard; Somers, Hugh; Griffin, Joseph; Guilday, Peter; Schrott, Lambert; Ming, John
4 Housekeeping
Henson, Marie
5 Ibero-American Studies Program
Dushnyck, Walter; Gibbons, William J.; Cardozo, Manoel; 1956; Luncheon, 1961: Manger, William; Cline, Howard F.; Kiemen, Mathias C.; Bertrand, Kenneth J.; Hatfield, Colby R., Jr.; Finan, John J.; Cardozo, Manoel; 1956: McDonald, William J.; Considine, John J.; Norris, James J.; Magner, James A.
6 Institutes and Special Programs
Workshop 1964: Johann, Robert; Ferre, Nels F.S.; McDonald, William J.; Haring, Bernard; Masterson, Reginald; Rehabilitation School Baseball Team, 1921; WWI Veterans; NCWC, Vocational Rehabilitation School, ca. 1919; 1956; Lawrence, Emeric Anthony
7 Language Lab
Language Lab
8 Law, Columbus School of (Staff / Students)
Reunion, Class of 1950; Leahy Hall; Allawas, Meryl; Carlisle, Linda; Zangrillo, Tina; Scully, Ellen; 1953: Yonaskiro(?), Seiri; Dr. Brown; Toma, Jugo; Seki, Hidinobu(?)
9 Law, Columbus School of (Library)
10 Law, Columbus School of (Leahy Hall)
Leahy Hall sign; Community Law Clinic; Erlich(?) Thomas; Walsh, Kathy; Walsh, Maura; LaPlaca, Damian R.; Barron; Pearce, Diana; Leahy cornerstone; Bottomley, Peter; School of Law, 1943
11 Law, Columbus School of (Off Campus Locations)
1323 18th st. N.W.; Bottomley, Peter, 1980; Hare, Paul?; Dauchen(?), Matthew?; Supremem Justice Jackson, Robert H.; Garvey, John Leo; Carter, James; Drehle, Vernon von; Muscato, Amelia; Mayer, Frank C.; Bliss, Herbert; Foye, Kenneth; 1964; 1966; Allawas, Meryl; Carlisle, Linda; Zangrillo, Tina; Scully, Ellen
12 Law, Columbus School of (Negatives 1)
1940; Jubilee Law Series, 1938; White, Robert J.; Pound, Roscoe; Corrigan, Joseph M.; Appelate Court Competition, 1940; Vinson, Fred M.; Roberts, Owen J.; Rutledge, Wiley; Moore, John P.; White Robert J.; Riccoliono Seminar, 1946; Rutledge; Appelate Court, 1946; group; Brown; Judges; Appelate Court, 1947; Group; 1945-1946; 1943
13 Law, Columbus School of (Negatives 2)
Class of 1940, McMahon steps; Social Night, 1947; Riccoliona Seminar, 1947; 1944-1945; Justice Jackson, 1947; Social Night, 1947



Law, Columbus, School of - Construction, ca. 1990s

Library and Information Science, School of

Father Peter, 1981; Faculty; 1957; Foreign student, Brazil; Students; Goebel, Martha; Dr. Pool; Dr. Peirson; Dr. Stone; Maguire, Mary Ann; Elhadidy; Rossenbuch; Social Event; Video disk; Video player; Stone, Elizabeth “Betty” W.; Witty; Job Board; Strategies Committee; Video camera; Library desk; Von Dran, Ray; Reed, Mary; Library
Box Folder
52 1 Libraries-Archives
Hoffmann, Frank N.; McEntegart, Bryan J.; McDonald David; Federoff, Anthony J.; McDonald William J.; Browne, Henry J.; Philip Murray Papers, 1956; Cardinal Muench Room; Wagner, L.F.; Driscoll; Walton, C.C.; Chambers, M.C.B.; Hruneni; Seagraves, Elenor Roosevelt; Collection materials; Party; Retirement party, 1973; Muench Papers Presentation, 1973; Barry, Colman; Walton; Driscoll; Paiunundi; Zaleski, A.; Trisco, R.; Walton, C.C.; Panchok, Frances; Fallon, Michael; Hannan, P.; Trisco, R.; Byrne, Leo; Driscoll; Rovestad; Fasenmyer(?), Sarah; McGrath, R.
2 Libraries-Friends of the Library
El-Baz; Mohin, Andrea; Chennault, Anna; Reception, 1978
3 Libraries-Lima Library
General Monteiro, 1939; McCormick, Patrick J.; Brazilian Ambassador; Murphy, Joseph M.; Madame Lima; Mrs. McNeill; Benefit
4 Libraries-Rare Books
Clementine Library; Irish Cultural Exhibition
5 Libraries-Staff/Personnel (1)
Cataloging Department; Walton, Clarence C.; Luney, Alice W., 1976; Draper, Greta; Zach, Ferdinand; Bindery; McCormick, Patrick j.; Willging, Eugene P.; Magner, James A.; Sheen, Fulton J.; 1961 World Mission Award; Willging, 1961; Bertrand, Kenneth J.; Dutilly, Artheme A.; Neill, James Kirby; Voss, Thomas G.; Bryant II, William Cullen; O'Connor, James P.; Khan, S.A.; Sister M. Daniel; Shakaa, M.; Chen, Jonathan; Willging, Eugene P., 1954; Dantagnon, Julie; McGuire, Frederick; Matesich, Mary Frances; Mullin, Francis A.; Genau, Joseph A.; Robalin, Luz C.; McKenna, Joseph M.; Alhambra; Staff, 1952; Shahan; McKenna; Coutinho(?); Hruneni; Zach, Ferdinand, 1963
6 Libraries-Staff/Personnel (2)
Wittey, Barbara; Singh, Tara; Trivedi, B.K.; Pathak, B.L.; Urelgring(?); Rumbrisch(?); Bertrand; Artheme; Dutilly, A.; Capuchin Order; Kelly, Evangelist; Meade, Emilian; Winterroth, Seraphin; McAllister, Joseph B.; Staab, Giles J.; Spacey, Anselm; McDonald, William J.; Kortendick, J.J.; Ambrican, Sister, 1957; Madureur(?); Bindery; Luney, Alice W.; Miller, Bruce; Acquisitions; Wagner, Lloyd F.; Walton, Clarence C.;
7 Libraries-Students/Scenes (1)
Reading Machine, 1939; Kelp, Liss; Commercial museum display of old firefighting equipment, 1939; Spanish notables, Cervantes Day, 1947; Jordan; McGuire; Cardozo; Rublo; Charging desk, 1939; Dedication, 1925; Decay; Campus Shuttle, front entrance; Language laboratory, 1961; Molineaux, John; Prokowicz, Ruth; Circulation; Moore, Lawrence; Mullen 206
8 Libraries-Students/Scenes (2)
Cataloging; Schaeffer; Reference; Stacks; Students; Rare books reading room
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53 1 Libraries-Museum (1)
Native American artifacts; Rare books; Statue, 1924; Delaire, J.; Museum, McMahon Hall 4th floor
2 Libraries-Museum (2)
Shahan, Thomas J.; Lima, Manoel de Oliveiro, 1924; Schneider, Joseph; McKenna, Bernard Aloysius; Coutinho, J. de Siqueira; Museum, McMahon Hall; Archives; Dante Bust, 1965; Freyer Art; Thomas Aquinas Statue; Museum photos, 1917
3 Maintenance and Operations, Department of
Lawn mower, 1939
4 Mathematics, Department of
Douglas, William O.; McEntegart, Bryan J.; Stone, Harlan F.; McCormick, P.J.; Curley Hall reception, 1946; Trust Law prizes, 1945; Riccobono Seminar; Godfrey, Kathleen E.; Murphy, Frank; Madrigal, Consvelo; Moran, Mary B.
5 Modern Languages and Literatures
6 Music, School of (General)
Puerto Rico Music Program, 1975; Ward Hall; Figueroa Quintet; Benitey, Jamie; Heritage Americana, 1979; Garofalo, Robert; Elrod, Mark; Music theater; Morgan, Michael; Catholic University Symphony Orchestra; Carnegie Hall, 1970s; Kennedy Center concert, 1972; Elementary school instrument demonstration, 1992; New wing classroom; John Paul rehearsal hall; DOD, 1993; Annual Christmas Concert; Recorder quintet; Neukeik, Robert; Laanen, Kerry van; Samandari, Hauaydi; Homecoming, 1983; Blnim(?), Robert; Basson; Sister Geanette art exhibit, auditorium; Murray, Laura; Bugla(?), James; Parks, Robert; Powell, Patricia; Robinson, Michael; Jones, Jonathan; McConnel, Regina; Mullh(?), Jennifer; Hughes, Marie; Sorority Sweetheart, 1971; Leman, Paul D.H.; Catholic University Band postcard; Catholic University Band, 1941
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54 1 Music, School of (Performances) 1950-1959
"The Old Maid and the Theif,” 1952; “Politem,” 1953; “Trial by Jury,” 1954; “The Cage,” 1959; “Dolcedo,” 1959; “The Juggler,” 1959
2 Music, School of (Groups) 1950-1959
Geisler(?), Lloyd, 1956; Wollen, Russell, 1956; CUA chorus, 1959;
3 Music, School of (Unidentified) 1950-1969
1954; Tour of US Base for USO, 1967; Opening of Opera Festival, 1959; Martin, John; Meyer, Emerson; Cianci, Paul; Lywen, Werner; 1953; Building Entrance
4 Music, School of (Groups) 1960-1964
Cardinalaires, 1963-1964; Madrigal Singers, 1964
5 Music, School of (Performances) 1960-1964
"La Boheme,” 1960; President Kennedy Gala Inaugral Program, 1961; “La Perichole,” 1963; “De Fledermaus,” 1964
6 Music, School of (Groups) 1965-1969
Cardinalaires, 1968, 1969; Garofalo, Robert, 1969-1970
7 Music, School of (Performances) 1965-1969
"Carmen,” 1968; “Figaro,” 1969
8 Music, School of (Groups) 1970-1974
Jazz Ensemble, 1970; Chorus, 1971
9 Music, School of (Performances) 1970-1974
"Gianna Schicchi,” 1970; “Suor Angelica,” 1970; “Albert Herring,” 1970; “La Boheme,” 1971; “The Growing Castle,” 1971
10 Music, School of (Performances) 1970-1974
"Ariadne auf Naxos,” 1971; “Don Giovanni,” 1972; “Gianni Schicchi,” 1972; “Madame Butterfly,” 1973
11 Music, School of (Groups) 1975-1980
Fennell, Frederic, 1976; Pears, Peter, 1976
12 Music, School of (Performances) 1975-1980
"The Medium,” 1975; “Dido and Aeneas,” 1975; “Pygmalion,” 1975; “The Telephone,” 1975; “Cosi fan Titte,” 1976; “L'Elisir d'Amore,” 1978; “Don Pasquale,” 1979; “The Merry Widow,” 1980
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55 1 Music, School of (Performances) 1970-1979
Kim, Jung Ae; Hyde, Terrence; “Madame Buterfly,” 1973; Michaud, Angele; Dr. Paul; “Suor Angelica,” 1970; Ricci, Luigi; Balthrop, Carmen, 1978; Thompson, Barbara; Aler, John; “Pygmalion,” 1975; Stevens, William; Krikorian, Dorothy; Richie, David; Grenville, Lewis; Proveaux, Paul; “L'Heure Espagnole,” 1972; Levy, Hank; CUA Jazz Ensemble, 1970; Newton Theater
2 Music, School of (Unidentified) 1970-1979
Orchestra; Piccolo; Violin; Harp; Band; Horns; Clarinets; Trumpets; Trombones; Timpani; Choir; Piano; Badman J. Bigfig(?); Guitar; Courtyard entrance; Musical Theater; Drama; Wahley, Gar; Percussion Ensemble, 1979; Carter, Rosalyn; Carter, Amy; Summer Workshop; Saxophone; Students; Banjo
3 Music, School of (Unidentified) 1970-1979
Kennedy Center, 1973; Cello; Conductor; Orchestra; Violin; Guitar; Numes; Trombone; Piano; Piano Concerto; Trumpet; Harp; Organ; Beethoven Symphony no. 9?; Timpani
4 Music, School of (Unidentified) 1970-1979
Hodges, Eric; Mason, Jennifer; Flute; Piccolo; Easter Seal Society School; Phi Mu Alpha; Sinfonia; Hume, Paul, 1971; Rola, Bernadette; Recorders; Piano; Audio dials; Harp; Tuba; Bassoon; Trombone; Orchestra; Ford's Theater; Recorder ensemble; Students; Music Theater; Beethoven Syphony No. 9?; Choir; Cello; Music notes; Kennedy Center music program, 1974
5 Music, School of (Unidentified) 1970-1979
Audio studio; Harp; Marimba; Percussion; Fanara, Pal; Trumpet; Violin; Music Theater; Woodwind quintet; Score study; Guitar; Practice room; Trombone; Orchestra
Box Folder
56 1 Music, School of (Performances) ca. 1980s
Orchestra; Rome, Italy, 1987; Pope John Paul II performance; Ricks, Robert; Music School endowment, renaming ceremony program, 1984; Matt, Joyce; Kelly, Gene; Kennedy Inauguration, 1961; Fleuscha(?), Randall Craig, 1990; Menotti, Gian Carlo; Saylor, Maurice; Cordovkna(?); “L'Elisir d' Amore,” 1983; Dunn, Valerie; Rouknight, Reginald; Bicoy, Don
2 Music, School of (Unidentified) ca. 1980s
Commencement; Piano delivery, 1985; Gift of B.T. Rome
3 Music, School of (Performances) ca. 1990s
Garmendia, Emma; Lehnhoff, Dieter; Suarez, Nicolas, 1991; Herring, Steve; Byron, Stevenson, honary degree; Walter; Melignani; Retirement party, 1997
4 Music, School of (Groups) 1991-1995
Broadway night, 1991
5 Music, School of (Unknown) nd
Caribbean Tour
6 Music, School of (Individuals) 1970-1999
Schuman, William, autograph; Benjamin T. Rome Tribute, 1984; Rome, Benjamin T.; Gorecki, Henryk Mikolaj; Maris, Barbara English; Braunlich, Helmus; Barr, Cyrilla
7 Music, School of (Kavanaugh Concert)
Langlais, Jean; Kavanaugh (Kavenaugh) Concert
8 National Catholic School of Social Service (1)
Annual Meeting, 1940; Mayflower Hotel; Charts; Shahan Hall; Faculty; Bishop McEntegart, 1956?; Ferris; Almanzor, Angelina C., 1966; Maneini, Luiz Carlos, 1966; Junqueira, Helena I., 1966; Cummins, sister Mary Josephine, 1966; NCSSS Decennial, 1958; Magner; Lennon; Hoey, June; McDonald; Folsom, Marino; McClafferty; Nuesse, C.J.; 1946 Board?
9 National Catholic School of Social Service (2)
NCSSS Journal; Students; Community; Unidentified
10 National Catholic School of Social Service (3)
Social work Library; Unidentified students, etc.
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57 1 National Catholic School of Social Service (4)
Social Service; NCSSS; Conference on Aging; Naly(?), Dorothy; Cornick, Delroy; Ryan, Carfin(?); Dean Ahearn; XIII International Congress of School of Social Work, 1966; Cicognani, Amleto; Victory, Mrs. John; Regan, Agnes; 60th Anniversary, 1980; Tavani(?), Cleo, 1980; Geittman, David, 1980; Brother Dusmas(?), 1980; 60th Anniversary, 1979; NCSSS, 1976
2 National Rehabilitation Information Center
NARIC; Open House
3 Nursing, School of (1) 1940s-1960s
Nuns; 1958; 1951; Providence Hospital drawing; Students, 1954; A.I.D. Contract; Dr. O'Brien; Mullaney, Joan Ward, 1982; Princeton University; Melville, Dr. Annabelle; Mauksch, Dr. Ingeborg G.; Vanderbilt University; Hospital Management Class; Sister Patrice, 1941; Sister Sheehy, Maurice, 1947; U.S. Publice Health Service; Sister Olivia; WOL; Nursing Building Entrance, 1946
4 Nursing, School of (2) 1940s-1960s
Douglas, Marion; Healy, Mary Gertrude; Sister Olivia; Voss, Sister Rita; Caffrey, Catherine; Eckenrode, Kathrny Theresa; Alumni
5 Nursing, School of (3) 1970s
Doneley, Rosemary; Mason, Paula; Holleran, Constance; Washington Regional Blood Program; Community Resources; Frank, Sister Charles Marie, class of 1943, 1967; Trujello, Peree; Goodwin, Bonnie; Class of 1968; Clinical Faculty Conference on Curriculum, 1963; AID Program, Columbia
6 Nursing, School of (4) 1970s
Brochure photographs; Assumption Catholic church bus; Nyman, Stephanie; Hamilton, Tony; Practice dummies; Health Fair, 1978
7 Nursing, School of (5)
Practice dummies; Nutrition; Graduation; Twomey(?), John; Mauksh, Ingrid, 1980
8 Oceanography
Paullin, Charles Oscar; 1970s; McDonald, William
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58 1 Philosophy, Department of
Wolter?; 1965; Mohan, Robert; Professor and female students; Shuster, George; Nolan, Paul; Klubertanz, George; Stern, Karl; Philosophy Workshop Roundtable, 1962; 1965; Dougherty, Jude
2 Physics, Department of-Students in Labs/Classrooms
Magnetic Measurements, 1913; Talbott; Van de Graaff static generator, 1941; Raidle, William F., 1939-1940; Isotope Laboratory, 1960; Sister Marie Therese; Sister Mary Dolores; Haggerty; Atimer(?), James F.; Beck; Electrical; Glass; NRL “Fish"; Andrews; Wiepke, T.; Chemical Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Carbon dioxide laser; Glass tubes; Fiber optics; Platnium StirrerBoles Linear Accelerator Laboratory, 1974
3 Physics, Department of-Staff/Students in Classrooms
Montrose; Puluari(?); Foam; Vitreous Lab; Cowan; Neutrino Telescope; Brady Hall; Macedo; Utovitsz; Scramanda; Litovitz; Alonus(?) Reactor, 1958; Acoustics; Raidle, 1939; Beck, Carl, 1939; Talbott, 1939
4 Physics, Department of-Negatives 1970s
Cowan Conference, 1978; Press Conference, 1977; 300th Ph.D., 1978; 1976
5 Politics, Department of
Bottomley, Peter?; 1980?; 1975
6 Preachers' Institute
Graham, Bill, 1968; Burke, 1968; “Person and Society,” 1966; Philosophy in Dialogue, 1966; Mother Mary Clark; Stern, Karl; Fisher, Alden; Wild, John; 1940s; 1950s; 1960s
7 Psychology, Department of
Duffy, Regis; James, William; Hall, Granville Stanley; Temple, Katherine; Kehoe, John, 1939; Sullivan, 1939; Robinson, T.R., 1939; Father Driess, 1939; “Treasure Test,” 1938
8 Public Safety, Department of (1)
Ellis; Meter Money; Security; Officer Thompson; Panic Phone; Serfass, Vic; Nork, Bob; Lumsdon; Parking Meter; ADT Device; White, Col; Markowski; Cochran, Norman V.
9 Public Safety, Department of (2)
Shift Change; Nork, Bob; Rockford; Markowski; Students; Caruso; Lumsdon; Ellis; 1976; Patrol truck
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59 1 Registrar, Office of
Rich, Catherine, 1952-1953
2 Religious Studies
Sister Bryce; Sullivan, John; Harvey, T. Hundall; Schmitz, Walter J.; Chandler, Douglas; Knight, John L.; Allison, C.F.; Curran, Charles; Horda, R.W.; Murphy, R.E.; Sloyan, G.S.; Pugh, Sister Mary Virgine; Siegman, E.F.; Wood, G.F.; Ring, C.J.; Murphy, J.L.; Ceroke, C.P.; Bowman, D.J.; Byrne, J.T.; O'Shea, William; Stevens, P.G.; Vann, Gerald; Loewe, William P.; Carrena(?), E.M.; Vann, Gerald L., 1961-1962
3 Religious Studies-Theological College / Basselin Foundation
Basselin Foundation, Winners, 1944; Oratorial Contest, 1947; Public Speaking Contest, 1940; Bertagnoli, Clement; Schmacher, Leo; Coady, Leo; O'Conner, P.J.; Daleke, James R.; McGinnis, Raymond; Davis, John D.; Preacher's Institute; Gallagher, Herbert F.; Smith, Ignatius; McCormick, Patrick; O'Brien, Edward J.; Faculty, 1941; Contest, 1942, 1943, 1944; Jeppon; Baisnee; Regan; Smith, Ignatius, 1939; Students, 1965: Schexnayder, John Gary; Basler(?), David; Steger, Thomas T.; Bitterman, John; Kloepple, James; McGinnis, James; Walsh, Jerome; Anderson, James; Golden, George; Class, 1923-1924: Christopher, Joseph P.; Mulligan, Thomas; Shahan, Thomas J.; Pace, Edward; Fenlon, John F.; Baisnee, Jules; Ryan, John C.; Schnettler, Richard; Sweeney, Raymond; Renier, Joseph; McGourty, Thomas; Beneteau, Andre Marie Georges; King, John A.; Blake, Raymond A.; Och, Raymond; Hodel, Leo; Ogdensburg, Ambrose Highland; English, Joseph; Zychlinski, Mitchell; Ward, Henry P.; Dial, John W.; Zinkhard, Thomas B.; Class, 1924-1925: Connolly, Cornelius; McGourty, Thomas J.; Baisnee, Jules, A.; Mulligan, Thomas C.; Shahan, Thomas J.; Fenlon, John; Coyle, Edward; Christopher, Joseph; Campbell, James M.; Blake, Raymond; Saginaw, Frederick J. Maynard; Whitford, George J.; Ryan, John C.; Behrendt, Leo; Ward, Henry P.; Beneteau, Andre Marie Georges; Dial, John W.; McCormick, John P.; Zinkhard, Thomas B.; Renier, Joseph; Morris, William S.; Dennehy, Thomas J.; Sweeney, Raymond; Boguslawski, John; Hodel, Leo; Och, Raymond; Schnettler, Richard; Falicki, Edmund F.; Gannon, Leo; Smith, Leroy F.; King, John A.; Zychlinski (Zellin), Mitchell; Class, 1926-1927: Beneteau, Andre Marie Georges; Christopher, Joseph P.; McGourty, Thomas; Mulligan, Thomas E.; Fenlon, John F.; Shahan, Thomas J.; Tennelly, J. Benjamin; Ryan, Edwin; Behrendt, Leo; Ward, Henry P.; Hellylsower, Stephen C.; McAndrew, James; Kelly, Lawrence; McCarthy, John J.; Falicki, Edmund F.; Galvin, John J.; Dolan, William K.; Baisnee, Jules A.; Morris, William S.; Corrigan, Franklin; Daly, Harold F.; Dennehy, Thomas; Boguslawski, John; Mackin, Paul; Bukovski, Arthyr; Smith, Leroy F.; Whitford, George J.; White, Joseph L.; McCormick, John P.; Barry, Daniel; Murphy, Vincent(?); McCarthy, Shane; Cronin, John F.; Gilbride; Horning(?), Edward; Hale, Joseph; Murphy, William; Widman, George; Gannon, Leo; Mattingly, John F., 1944; McCormick, Patrick J., 1944, Zinklua, T.C.
4 Retirement and Aging, Center for the Study of
NCSSS; Brother Dismas; MacDonald, Colin
5 Semitic and Egyptian Languages and Literature, Department of
1956; Hyvernat, Henri; Vaschalde, Aldophe A.; Skeehan, Patrick L.; Arbez, Edward P., 1940s; Diekmann(?), Godfrey; Bouyer?, Lou
6 Shahan Debating Society,
7 Sociology, Department of
Boystown; O'Counn(?); Potvin, Raymond H.; Bellah, Robert
8 Speech, Pathology, and Audiology, Department of
Bushnag, Suleiman(?)
9 University College,
Summer Session Reception, 1963; National Press Club; Brennan, Mrs. James G.; Hooker, John J.; Hooker, Mrs. John J.; Brennan, James G.; International Federation of Catholic Universities Convention, 1963; Reinert, Paul; Hesburgh, Theodore; Walsh, Michael; Bunn, Edward; Burke, Edward; Schmitz, Kenneth; Ryan, John K., 1967; Faculty Tea, 1941, Mullen Lobby: Samson, Rene; Deferrari, Roy J.; Corrigan, Joseph M.; Summer School, 1920s:Rice; Behrendt; Ramler; Weber; Kirsch; Johnson; Deferrari; Lennox; McCarthy; Cassidy; McCormick; Shahan; Purcell; McGuire; Browne; McGourty; Furfey; Hennemann; Geary; MacRae; Brilmeyer; Graduate Hall Dining Room; Summer Session Nuns; Boyle, Regis, 1947; Journalism Class; GREGG Summer Methods Conference; Street near church, St. Ann; Marquette Cottage; Hogan; Cliff Haven Summer School; Continuing Education
14Events-Pryzbyla Center Groundbreaking14Events-Pryzbyla Center Groundbreaking14Events-Pryzbyla Center Groundbreaking
Series 5: Events, ca. 1886-2000 (9 boxes)
This series contains images of events on campus, including anniversaries (CUA), commencements, Homecoming, lectures, and wartime activities. These materials were collected from various individuals and University offices.
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60 1 Anniversaries, 25th Anniversary for Cardinal James Gibbons, October 26, 1893
Divinity Hall; February 21, 1893; Garrigan, Philip J.; Schroeder, D. Joseph; Searle, George M.; O'Gorman, Thomas; Grannan, Charles P.; Sbarretti, Donatus; Papi, Hector; Satollo, Francesco; McMahon, James; Gibbons, James; Pohle, Joseph; Keane, John J.; Peries?, George; Dublanchy, Edmund; Hogan, John B.; Pace, Edward A.; Orban, Alexis Juliah; Bouquillon[sic], Thomas; Magnien, Alphonse L.; Shahan, Thomas J.; Stoddard, Charles Warren; Quinn, Daniel; Smith, Joseph F.; Vaschalde, Arthur A.; McCaffrey, Nathaniel P.; Leahy, George Vincent; Foy, James P.; Maguire, John Damen; Munday, Peter John; Tennissen, John A.; McNamera, Lawrence J.; Mackin, James F.; McClean, Peter Hugh; ; Bruen, James A.; Fitzgerald, Edward J.; Hickey, George F.; O'Ryan, Philip J.; Wolfe, Joseph; Lunney, John F.; Rengel, Edward Joseph (or Rengel, William J.); Cull, John A.; Maley, Francis W.; Haynes, Patrick J.; Kerby, William J.; Enright, Lawrence J.; Halloran, Florence Joseph; Reid, George J.; Donovan, Timothy M.
2 Anniversaries, Sesquicentennial of Signing of U.S. Constitution, December 7, 1937
McCormick, P.J.; MacWhite, Michael; MacWhite, Mrs.; Corrigan, Joseph M.; Bloom, Sol; Wankowicz, Witold; Sesquicentennial Signing of the United States Constitution, 1937
3 Anniversaries, 50th Anniversary of CUA, 1939
Doyle, Michael; Schmidt, Walter; Curley; Doheny, W.J.; McShea, Joseph; Guilday, Peter; Cicognani; Jordan, Edward; Smith, Ignatius; Arnold; Glennon; Duff, Edward; McDermott, Patrick; Shaugnessy, Gerald; Wright, Herbert; Golden Jubilee; Procession; Dougherty; Putnam, Herbert; Bishop, William W.; Harriman, Arthur Joseph; Mitty; McGuigan; Hyvernat, Hanri; McCaughan, John P.; Spellman, Francis J.; Corrigan, Joseph M.; Higgins, Walsh, James E.; James T.; Maloney, Charles P.; Walsh, William C.
4 Anniversaries, Pope Pius XII 25th Anniversary, 1942
Wright; Corrigan; Ready; Silver Jubilee
5 Anniversaries, 50th Anniversary for Cardinal Gibbons, 1918
Gibbins; Procession; Bougaud(?), Giovanni; O'Connell; Gibbons Hall opening; Ceretti; Begin(?); Bonzano; Calvert Hall
6 Anniversaries, 50th Anniversary of Cardinal William O'Connell, 1934
Cummings, Homer S.; Hayes; O'Connell; Cicognani; Curley; Sheehy
7 Library Christmas Party, May Gallery, 1997
Statue; May Gallery; Fortner(?), Doug; Saylor, Maurice; Gutekunst, Blue; Christmas bust; Marcum, Tom; Ozga(?), Debbie; Emerson, Tim; Miller, Bruce; Sullivan, Scott; Clapano, Ampirito; Thompson, Mary Agnes
8 McMahon Hall Christmas Tree, 1997
9 University Christmas Party, 1997
McGlothlin, Mabel; Friday, Robert; Davidson, Antonia; Laughrige, Nancy; Ellis, Patrick; Allen, Tom; Moore, Jim; Hilling, Lanelle; Donnally, Henry; Woods, Kevin; Shaheen, Min; Powell, nellie Lee; Hunt, Patty; Dunian, Zofia; Sullivan, Scott; Saylor, Maurice; Cake; Petro, Michelle; Admissions Staff; Chwalek, Adele; Jukes, Jennifer; Kriz, Steve; Dowd, Martin; Dowd, Jone; Moses, Sibyl; Preer, Jean; Stone, Elizabeth
10 Commencements (1), 1930-1939
Reception, 1936; Corrigan, Joseph; Cicognani, A.G.; Pacelli; Curley, Michael J.
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61 1 Commencement (2)
1942, 1943, 1945, 1944, 1947, 1950s, 1956, 1958, 1961, 1965, 1990; Biberstein, Helena Keane, 1919; Byron; O'Connor
2 Commencements (3)
1932, 1957, 1958, 1961, 1962, 1964; Farraher, James; Leo, Amandus; O'Boyle; McDonald, William j.; Kelley, Robert H.; McAllister, Lames B.; Magner, James A.; Luddy, Michael G.; Bartemeier, Leo Henry; Kearney, James E.; Kennedy, Paul
3 Commencement (1) 1967
4 Commencement (2) 1967
5 Commencement 1973
Lavanoux, Maurice; Herrmann; Nuesse, Joseph; Congar, Yves; Walton, Clarence C.; Koob, C. Albert; Franklin, john hope; Horgan, Paul; Aggey, Anuzu
6 Commencement 1974
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62 1 Commencement 1975
Walton; Rome, Benjamin T.; Vasquez, Lucy; Sister Margaret; Honorary degrees; Procession; Baccalaureate Mass
2 Commencement 1976
3 Commencement (1) 1977
Pelikan; Smith; Boorstin; Smith, Mary Elinor, 1978?; Mass; Bachwald
4 Commencement (2) 1977
1976?; Shouse; Connon; Smith; Beechwald; Usanga;; Pelikan
5 Commencement 1978
Walton, Clarence; Clark, Kenneth; Ellis, John Tracy; Smith, Gerald
6 Commencement 1970-1980
1980?; Nursing; Speltz, George; Clergy
7 Commission on American Citizenship
Blandingm Sarah G.; Studebaker, John W.; White, Helen C.; Bradley, Omar; Duggan, Laurence; Lawrence, Ernest O.; McGuire, Martin R.P.; Johnson, Walter
8 Consecrations/Inaugurations (1)
Eisenhower, Dwight D.; O'Doyle, Patrick; Honorary Degree, 1953; Hoban; Keough; Ritter; McEntegart, 1953; McIntyre; Eisenhower; Mooney; Stritch; Cicognani; Inaugural Address; NCWC
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63 1 Consecrations/Inaugurations (2)
McCarthy, Harry(?); Corbett, John; Rifle Club, 1956; Guilday, Peter, 1935; Guilday Investiture; Hannon, Philip M., 1956?; Ryan, James H.; Reilly Investiture; Reilly, John J., 1946; Coronation Mass, 1958; Hannan; McDonald; Boland, Thomas; Hearne, James(?) J.; McAllister; McDonald Inauguration, 1958; Walton; Hochwalt; O'Boyle; Brother Nivard(?); 1969; McIntyre, James Francis; Mooney, Edward; Stritch, Samuel; Cicognani, Amleto G.; O'Boyle, Patrick J.; McEntegart, Bryan J.
2 Consecrations/Inaugurations (3)
Bishops; McEntegart Inauguration; Eisenhower Honorary Degree of Law, 1953; National Catholic Education Association; NCEA; Hoban, Edward F.; Keough, Francis P.; Ritter, Joseph E.; McIntyre, James; President Eisenhower; Mooney, Edward; Stritch, Samuel; Cicognani, Giovanni
3 Consecrations/Inaugurations (4)
O'Boyle, Patrick; McIntyre, James; President Eisenhower, Dwight D.; McEntegart, Bryan, C.; McEntegart Inauguration, 1953; Chase, Nicholas?
4 CUA Conferences 1930s
Murray; Glennon; O'Reilly; Ryan; 1931; McKenna, Bernard(?); Ryan, James H.; Clerical Conference of CSMC?; Mullen Library
5 Conference of Catholic Charities- September 1910
First National Conference; White, William J.; Dowling, Sister Jane Frances; Zoller, Sister Mary Verena
6 Conferences-International Federation of Catholic Universities, 1963
Caldwell Hall Dining Room; Dr. James; McDonald
7 Dinners
Jubilee Committee, 1940; Head table; Testimonial Dinner, 1936; Corrigan, Joseph M.; Whitemarsh Valley Country Club
8 Farewells
1957; McNamera?; Testimonial Dinner, 1968; Shoreham Hotel; Magner, James A.; O'Boyle, Patrick; Scheel, Nivard; Nuesse, C. Joseph; Whalen, John P.; Hughes, Margaret; O'Connor, James P.; Mohan, Robert P.; Wagner, Lloyd F.; Peebles, Bernard M.; Spence, John S.; McAllister, Joseph B.; Rupp, Theodore; Rupp, Mrs. Theodore; Trisco, Robert; Favret, J. Raymond
9 Funerals
Shahan, 1942; National Shrine, Crypt Church; Corrigan; 1947
10 Gifts and Donations
Ryan; Scowse(?), 1931; Dixon, James; Dixon, Mrs. James; McDonald, 1958; Magner; Proctor, James A.; U.S. Steel Grant, 1958-1959; Montgomery, S. Miles; Barnett, John T.; Sears Roebuck Foundation; McDonald, William J., 1961; McCafferty; O'Boyle; McDonald; Cicognani; 1961; Hannan, Jerome D., 1965; Wagner, Lloyd F.; Warton; Alexandrovicius, J.; Jerusalem Bible; Lee, Caroline, 1970; Knights of Columbus; McMahon Hall; Ceremony, 1904
11 Homecoming 1951
12 Homecoming 1952
Activities Banquet
13 Homecoming 1956
Football game, Shrine in background; Floats; 1954 Homecoming brochure; Dance;
14 Homecoming 1958
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64 1 Homecoming 1959
Floats; Dance; Homecoming court; Homecoming Queen; Homecoming King
2 Homecoming 1961
Baquet; Sheraton Park Hotel; Alumnis
3 Homecoming 1964
Portier, Sydney (Pointer, Sidney); Robb, Charles; Johnson, Linda Bid; Football game; Dance; Homecoming Queen; Count Basie; Laskowski, Ed
4 Homecoming 1965
Murren, Albert; Distinguished Alumni Award; McAllister, J.B.; deBettencourt, Frank; Shriver, R. Sargent; Smith, Frank; McMannes, Ronald; Robinson, Tom; Luciani, Al; Lambert, John; Murphy, Margery
5 Homecoming 1966
Crying baby; Sheraton Park Hotel
6 Homecoming 1967
7 Homecoming (1) 1968
Football game; Homecoming Queen; Martin, Kay; Linkletter, Art; McMahon, Ed; Floats; Quinn, George J.; Whelan, Frank; Dance
8 Homecoming (2) 1968
Football game; Maloney, Andrew; McMahon, Ed; Elliot, Terri; Elliot, George; Lustberg; Rathskeller
9 Homecoming 1969
10 Homecoming 1960s
Floats; Homecoming court; Dagdag, Virginia; Ratke, Henry; 1956-1957; McMahon, Ed; 1967
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65 1 Homecoming 1970
Homecoming queen; Sheraton Park Hotel
2 Homecoming 1971
3 Homecoming 1973
4 Homecoming 1974
Orange Bowl team, 1974: Rogers, Ferd(?); Clemnts; Rearson, Stanley; Waite, Eddy; Antonovitch; Carlton, John; Schmarr, Hermie; Draginos, Pete; Glodeck, Pappy; Makofsky; Munhall, Bud; Awards; Koob(?), C. Albert; Wheatley, George M.; Sheraton Park Hotel; Mass
5 Homecoming (1) 1975
Class of 1957 Dinner
6 Homecoming (2) 1975
Cooke, Roberta; Grams(?), Hyman; Walton, John, family; Hurley, Francis; Mrs. Walton; Mrs. Hurley; Dr. Walton; Sirica; Class of 1950 reunion dinner; Casey, Mary Dudak; Dr. Casey; Awards; McMahon, Ed; Daly, Joseph F.; Roosevelt, Jr., Franklin D.; Eckler, A. Ross; Class of 1925 reunion; Murphy, Charlotte; Dr. Ratke; Mohan; Hays, B.G.; Hobb, Norma; _atkins(?), Shirley; Selvage, Wayne
7 Homecoming (3) 1975
Shoreham Americana; Class of 1950; Smith, Otis; Football game; Orange Bowl; Sun Bowl; Freshman rules, 1921-1922; Band; Mass
Box Folder
66 1 Homecoming (4) 1975
Football game; Banquet; Shoreham Americana; Awards
2 Homecoming 1976
Szklarz, Joyce; Banquet; Dance; Mass; Football Game; Benjamin Franklin look-a-like; Class of 1951 reunion
3 Homecoming 1977
sheraton Park Hotel; Gibson, Henry; Banquet; Dance; Football game; Mass; Reunion
4 Homecoming (1) 1978
Mass; Sheraton Park Hotel
5 Homecoming (2) 1978
Awards; Sheraton Park Hotel; Rohner, Ralph J.; Rohner, Monica; Banquet
Box Folder
67 1 Homecoming 1979
Awards; Sheraton Park Hotel; Banquet; Homecoming king; Homecoming quee; Emeritus Dinner; Comstock, Robert F.; Walter, Jr., Vincent P.; Tresansky, Vicky; Caldwell Hall; Sang, Marilina; Sang, Carlos; Rohner, Monica; Walter, Elaine
2 Homecoming 1980
Homecoming Queen; Homecoming king; Bonocchi, Vinny; Allen, Barbara; Class of 1950; Sheraton Park hotel; Banquet
3 Homecoming 1981
Awards; Walter, Vince; Tresansky, Victoria
4 Homecoming 1984
Homecoming Committee; Rohner, Ralph J.; Jepsen, William; Sabak, James; Bambrick, Gerry; McCartney, Jack; O'Connor, Sister Mary Alice; Feeney, Dena; Babbington, Betsy; Quinn, Kathleen; Morin, Tricia
5 Homecoming 1988
McEnvoy, Julie; Faucett, Kathleen; Faulkner, Jennifer; Aoopes(?), Kay; Moyer, Kimberly; Morman, Sherri; Haine's Point; Senior Section; Tailgate party; DuFour Center; Cardinal Mascot; Scullen, Ted; Byron; Halloween?; McCormach, Tracey; Rosenthal, Julie; Persico, Frank; Homecoming Committee
6 Homecoming-undated
Class of 1950
7 Homecoming Queens
1956-1957?; 1967; Wheatley, Joanne
8 Honorary Degrees and Other Awards (1)
Haring, Clarence Henry, 1953; 1957; Gracias; McEntegart; Mehta; O'Boyle; Mitchell; Ottavian, 1959; McCormick, P.J.; Suarez, Emmanuel; O'Boyle, Patrick A., 1948; McMahon Hall; Costello, John A., 1956; McEntegart, Bryan J.; O'Boyle, Patrick A.; Hearne, John J.; Schmiedeler, Edgar, 1956; O'Boyle, Patrick A.; Murphy; O'Boyle; Hart; McEntegart; Brauland, 1957; McClafferty; McDonald; Hearne; McAllister, 1959; Murphy, 1957; 1959; McCone, John A., 1960; O'Boyle; Shannon, James A., 1960; McDonald; Clemens, Alphonse, 1960; Gannon, 1963; Herzfeld, 1963; Fernandez, Aniceto, 1965; O'Boyle; McDonald, William J.
9 Honorary Degrees and Other Awards (2)
1964; McDonald, William J.; McDevitt, John; Griffin, John H., 1964; Parker, Donald, 1970; Wekovin(?), Jerry; 1948; Burke, Eugene, M., 1948; Cassidey, 1949; Spellman, Francis, 1953; Furfey; Burke, Edward J.; John, Anthony; Spellman; Philip, Augustine; Stevens, Harold A.; Schieder, Joseph E.; Pernicone, Joseph M.; Trudeau, Arthur G.; Shuster, George N.; Albert, A. Adrian; Calvin, Melvin; Polanyi, Michael; Hesburgh. Theodore M.; Hornig, Donald; Greenewalt, Crawford; Herzfeld, Karl; Kornberg, Arthur; Tatum, Edward L.; Townes, Charles H.; Urey, Harold C.; watson, James D.; Wigner, Eugene P.
10 Marian Convocation
Spellman, Mooney; Stritch; McIntyre; Cicognani; 1954
11 National Capital Assembly
Engman; Smith, Otis; Brown, Courtney; Murphy, John; Peltason, Jack; Galiher, Dick; Gale, Robert; Denson, James L.; Danzansky, Joe; Sisco, Jean; Walton, Rick; Smith, Ron; Arata, Clarence; Giasgow(?), Norman; Collins, Michael
Box Folder
68 1 Pan American Union Receptions 1930-1934
Gil, Enrique; Rowe, L.S., 1930; Bellegarde, Dantes, 1931; Urena, Maximiliano Henriquez, 1933; Gonzalez-Zeledon, Manuel, 1934; Castro, Hector David, 1934
2` Red Mass
McEntegart, Bryan J.; Burton, Harold H., 1946; Red Mass, 1946?
3 Catholic University Strike- May 9, 1970
4 Traffic Light Installation/Campus Alterations
Construction; Landscaping; 1955; Scale models, 1957; McDonald, William J.; McEntegart, Bryan J.; Maguire, John F.; Magner, James A.; Stressinger, Donald J, 1955
5 Events-Unidentified (1)
Behrendt?, 1940s; O'Connor, P.J.; Mohan; Schmitz; Magner, Spence; 1943
6 Events-Unidentified (2)
Gibbons; O'Connell; Shahan; Clergy; Laymen; 1920s; Large group in front of McMahon Hall; Pace, Edward; Princeton; Procession; 1960; Matthews, Burnita(?); Curran, Edward; 1953?; McCormick, Theodore, 1964?
7 Events-Unidentified- 1930s
McCormick, 1942; Curley Hall; Deferrari; Corrigan; 1939; O'Neill; Hugh; Dumon, Maxmillian(?), 1939; Mekkelholt, 1940; Abbe Georges Lemaitre; Mendel Medal, 1934?; 1946?
8 Events-Unidentified- 1940s
White, Jean Robert J.; Pound, Roscoe; Corrigan, 1942; Burns, John J.; Murphy, Frank
9 Events-Unidentified- 1950s
1956; McClafferty(?); Galvin(?); McDonald; McAllister; Magner; O'Boyle, 1959; 1958; Reilly, George R.; O'Connor, Patrick J.; Fay, Lillian, 1953
10 Events-Unidentified- 1960s
McDonald; Rugambwa; O'Boyle, 1961; Opening night, 1964; Hannan;; Birhob(?)
11 Visit of Cardinal John F. D'Alton- 1956
McGuire, Martin R.P.; D'Alton, John Francis; McEntegart, Bryan J., 1956
12 Wartime Activities, Ca. 1917-1947
Awarding Navy Flag, 1946; War loan Committee, 1943; Defense Band drive, 1943; St. Anthony's Red Cross Club, 1940-1944; War Band Rally, 1944; Veterans group, 1946; 1517th Unit Army, 1943; Albert Hall; Flying Cardinal plane, 1944; Brooks Mansion?; Stints Army Training Corps, 1918
13 Wartime Activities ca. 1949-1957
1952; Otting(?), William J.
14 Events-Pryzbyla Center Groundbreaking, 2000
Series 7: Pictorial, ca. 1900-1999 (5 boxes)
This series contains University calendars, brochures, photographic studies and artwork, postcard booklets, and depictions of campus buildings produced by campus offices, collected from various individuals and University offices.
Box Folder
69 1 Catholic University Pictorial Calendar 1921
McMahon Hall; Caldwell Hall; Cardinal Gibbons Memorial Hall; Campus from McMahon Hall; Graduate Hall; Dining Room for Junior Prom; Maloney Chemical Laboratory; Apostolic Mission House; Oblate House of Studies; Dominican House of Studies; The Gymnasium; Suplican Seminary; Engineering Building; Albert Hall; St. Paul College; College of the Holy Land and Franciscan Monastery; Capuchin College of St. Francis; Holy Cross College; Marist Seminary; Marist College
2 Catholic University Pictorial Calendar 1932
Gibbons Hall; Caldwell Hall; National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception; John K. Mullen Memorial Library; McMahon Hall; Maloney Chemical Laboratory
3 Catholic University Pictorial Calendar 1976
1936 Orange Bowl Football Team, dance; Campus from McMahon Hall, ca. early 1900s: Apostolic Mission; Administration Building; Graduate Hall; Cardinal Hall; Albert Hall; Cardinal Gibbons Memorial Hall; Gibbons Hall, cornerstone laying ceremony, 1911; Caldwell Hall offices, early 1900s; Surveying class, 1913; President Roosevelt, F.D.; Mrs. Roosevelt; Ryan, James Hugh; Albert Hall, ca. 1896; Caldwell, Hall, 1888; WWI plaque, University Mall; Weschler; University Power Plant; Sophomore Dance, 1918; Faculty, pool, early 1890s
4 Copy Negatives and Prints, Catholic University Pictorial Calendar 1976
Photos and negatives from calendar in box 69, folder 3
5 Catholic University Pictorial Calendar 1977
Senior Walk; University Symphony Orchestra, 1965; Farrell, Eileen; Paul, John; Catholic University Glee Club, 1929; Class of 1950, Alumni Dance; President; Four Horsemen; Providence Hospital; Football team, 1926: Haryey; McGann; LaFond; Tierney; Mayer; Connor; Moynihan; Shields; McCarthy; McAuliffe; Lehrfeld; Schmidt; Smyth; Carney; Linskey; McGovern; Long; Foley; Manfreda; Howell; Musick, Theo; Dufour; Murphy; Saffo(?); Conveigh; Hiener; Towell; Stack; Pescia; Byrne; Best; O'Donnell; Tatigan; Dickinson; Campbell, James Marshall
6 Catholic University Pictorial Calendar 1993
Brother Ellis, Patrick; Sketches; Rock Creek; Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception; Mullen Library; University Center; Centennial Village; Crough Center; McMahon Hall; Benjamin T. Rome School of Music; Ward Hall
7 Catholic University Pictorial Calendar 1994
Brother Ellis, Patrick; Sketches; Caldwell Entrance; Gibbons Hall; St. Vincent's Chapel; Benjamin T. Rome School of Music; Ward Hall; Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception; Brother Gregory Nugent Hall; Rock Creek; Mullen Library; Pierce's Mill; Carousel Near Smithsonian; Curley Hall; Rock Creek Bridge; Centennial Village
8 Catholic University Pictorial Calendar 1996
St. Paul Wood Statue; Madonna and Child Wood Statue; Dance of the Nymphs, Poussin, Nicholas; The Annunciation, Florentine, Andrea Della Robbia; Siege of Calais; Sevres vase, urn; Portrait of five indians, King, Charles Bird; Hercules and Minerva, krator; Madonna and Child, ivory statue; Martyrdom of St. Sebastian, ivory statue; St. Ann and the Blessed Virgin Mary, ivory statue; Heroic Statue of Pope Leo XIII, Luchetti; Warrior and deity, wood screen; Painted Samurai Warriors, urn; Madonna, Child, Saints, da Imola, Innocenza
9 Catholic University Pictorial Calendar 1997
Abelard Lecturing, Steinheil, Aldolphe Charles; Chestnut Varueno with Moorish motif, fall-front cabinet; Pieta, Studio of Quentin Metsys; Pre-Columbian, Zapotec, Crouching Man figurine; Tarascan, Two dancing dogs; Aztec, Serpentine eagle warrior; Rural courtship; Kaemmerer, Frederik Hendrik; Chinese porcelin ginger jar; Islamic vase; Chinese senser; Japanese ceramic vase; Japanese bronze vase; Pope Leo XIII, Ugolini, Guiseppi; Expulsion of Hagar, after Werff, Adriaen van der; Carved wooden santo; Court Lady, Sanchez, Alonso Coello; Madonna with child, after Raphael
10 Catholic University Pictorial Calendar 1998
Brother Ellis, Patrick; Sketches; Our Lady Seat of Wisdom statue; From the Central Mall, Shahan, Mullen, Keane; Columbus School of Law courtyard; Mullen Library interiors; Flag oval, McMahon; O'Boyle Hall; Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
Box Folder
70 1 Pencil Sketch by Charles Kirchmann (drawn by mouth)
2 Photographic Studies and Artwork
Copywork: Daumier, Honore; Religious; lithograph; Three gossiping women; Lawyers awaiting the opening of the doors; A pleading lawyer; Violinist; Les Gens de Justice; Les Beaux Jours de la Vie; Les Bas Bleus; Moeurs Conjugales
3 Photographic Studies and Artwork
Copywork: Daumier and religious; Cranack, Lucas; Dedication of the Gospels to St. Bertin; The Poet Milo thanking God; Eeckhout; Good Samaritan; Rembrandt; Christ Healing; Stain Glass; Malnern Priory Church; St. Mary's Credenhill; Marsh Baldin Church; Weyden, Roger van der; Mary and John; Master of Flemalle; Flight into Egypt; David, Gerard; Giorgione(?); Adoration of the Shepherd
4 Photographic Studies and Artwork
Copywork: architecture and people; Falconetto, Giovanni Maria; Cornice of the Basilica Aemilia; Scamozzi, Ottavio Bertotti; Palladio's Basilica; Palladio, Andrea; Palazzo della Ragione; Hasegawa, Kiyoshi; The Half-open Window; Serlio, Sebastiano; Design for a palace; Miyao, Shigeo; Puppet Play; Liege; Rembrandt; Andrea del Sarto; Hands; Annon(?); Santi, Raphael; La Disputa; Izumi, Shigeru; The Mandolinist; Greuze; Her Veil; Carsatt(?), Marie
5 Photographic Studies and Artwork-People
Copywork: people; Eeckhout; Raising of Jairus's Daughter; Degas, Edgar; Women Gesturing; Rembrandt Van Ryn(?); Women in a faint; Ingres(?); Violinist; Foster, John; Mather, Richard; Pieta; Tantalo; Bust of Petrarch
6 Photographic Studies and Artwork-People
Photographic studies: Christmas party; Elderly; Handicapped; Alcoholism; Nativity
7 Photographic Studies and Artwork-Places and Things
Interiors; Murphy, Joseph; File case; Silver Salver; Tutors at jail; Pottery; Journals; Chess; Pills; Drugs; Vegatables
8 Photographic Studies and Artwork-Places and Things
Interiors; Quilt; Episcopal Ring; Christmass balls; Greek Mitre (crown); Nutrition; Produce; Finance; Funeral seal
Box Folder
71 1 Photographic Studies and Artwork-Places and Things
Exteriors; Campus, Outdoors; Graduation, 1977; Bird nursery in office; Lee, Young Ho
2 Photographic Studies and Artwork-Places and Things
Exteriors and outer space; cat; Bird; Spider web; Equinox; Venus; Sun; Mercury
3 Post cards
Dominican House of Studies; St. Paul's College; Albert Hall; Engineering Building; Holy Cross College; Gymnasium; Capuchin College of St. Francis; Oblate House of Studies; National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception; Suplician Seminary; United States Capitol; North Front, White House; Library of Congress; U.S. Treasury; Columbus Memorial Fountain; Washington Monument; Union Station; Caldwell Hall; Mission House; St. Thomas Paulist College; McMahon Hall; Dining Room; Graduate Hall; Franciscan Monastery; The Marquis Maloney Chemical Laboratory; Cardinal Gibbons Memorial Hall; Reception Hall; Marist Seminary; Marist College; Oblate House of Studies; Dining Hall, Interior; St. Thomas Hall; St. Austins College; Carroll, Nadine E., notations; Stamps: Gibbons, McMahon Halls
4 Post card booklet
Main Entrance; Graduate Hall; Cardinal Gibbons Memorial Hall; Maloney Chemical Laboratory; Dominican House of Studies; Albert Hall; College of the Holy Land and Franciscan Monastery; Caldwell Hall; The Marist Seminary; Marist College; McMahon Hall; Apostolic Mission House; Oblate House of Studies; McMahon Hall Driveway; The Campus from McMahon Hall; Dining Room cleared for Junior Prom; Trinity College, Brookland, D.C.; Engineering Building
5 Drawings of Catholic University (packet) ca. 1930s
Koenig, Francis L.; Mullen Memorial Library; Caldwell Hall; Gibbons Hall; McMahon Hall
6 Brochures ca. 1909-1928?
McMahon Hall; Cadinal Gibbons Memorial Hall; Graduate Hall; Albert Hall; Chemical Laboratory; Engineering Building; St. Thomas College; Dominican House of Studies; Marist College; Holy Cross College; Marist Seminary; St. Austin's College; The campus: Apostolic Mission House; Graduate Hall; Albert Hall; Dominican House of Studies; Cardinal Gibbons Memorial Hall; Trinity College; University Dining Room; Caldwell Hall; Proposed Shrine of the Immaculate Conception; Franciscan Monastery; Apostolic Mission House; St. Thomas Hall; Capuchin College of St. Francis; Oblate House of Studies; St. Augustine College; St. Johns Hall; Suplician House of Study; St. Bonaventure's House of Study; Gymnasium; Spanish Brochure; Stadium; Aerial views; Completed crypt Church; Crypt Alter; Salve Regina Office; Public Relations Building; Caldwell Hall Chapel; University Museum; Students' War Memorial; Law Library; Swimming Pool; Power Plant; Stadium Panoramic; College of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel; Claretian Fathers; The Vineyard; De Sales Hall; St. Anselm's Priory; St. Gertrude's School of Arts and Crafts; Chaminade College; Trinitarian House of Studies; Maryknoll House of Studies; Xaverian House of Studies; Redemtorist House of Studies; Viatorian Seminary; Marian House of Studies; Pallottine House of Studies; Salvatorian Scholasticate; Carmelite College of St. Therese; Spanish Augustinian College; Catholic Medical Mission House; Holy Trinity House of Studies; Xaverian College; Washington Retreat House; Sedes Sapientiae; Brady Hall; St. Francis House of Studies; Catholic Sisters College; Our Lady of the Angels College; Duns Scotus House of Studies; Divine Providence House of Studies; Franciscan House of Studies; St. Mary's House of Studies; Trinity College; Chapel of Trinity College, exterior and interior
7 Brochures 1900-1912
University Station; McMahon Hall; Gibbons Memorial Hall; Caldwell Hall; Albert Hall; Engineering Building; Apostolic Mission House; Marist College; Trinity College; St. Thomas College, Paulist; Franciscan Monastery; Marist Seminary; St. Austin's College, Suplicians; Holy Cross College; Dominican House of Studies; Capitol of the United States; Library of Congress; Soldiers' Home and Lincoln Cottage; Gate to the Park, Soldiers' Home; Park Adjoining the University; Mount Vernon; White House; Moot Court Room of the Law SChool; Law School Students
Box Folder
72 1 Brochures 1920s
Campus aerial views; National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception; Crypt Church of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception; Salve Regina Office; Public Relations Building; John K. Mullen of Denver Memorial Library; Caldwell Hall; McMahon Hall; University Museum; Students' War Memorial; Law Library in McMahon; Cardinal Gibbons Memorial Hall; Graduates Hall; Lay Students Dining Hall; Albert Hall; St. John's Hall; St. Thomas Hall; Gymnasium and Knights of Columbus Club House; Swimming Pool; Martin Maloney Chemical Laboratory; Central Power Plant and Engineering Building; College of St. Paul the Apostle; Marist College; Marist Seminary; Stadium; Foreign Mission Seminary; Holy Cross College; Franciscan Monastery; Holy Name College; Dominican College; Suplician Seminary; Apostolic Mission House; Seminary of the Society of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart; Scholasticate of the Missionay Oblates of Mary Immacualte; St. Bonaventures College Franciscan Fathers; Friars Minor Conventuals; De Le Salle College Brothers of the Christian Schools; St. Augustine's College; College of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel; Capuchin College; B. and O. Railroad Station; Claretian Fathers; Vineyard; De Sales Hall; St. Anselm's Priory; St. Gertrude's School of Arts and Crafts; Chaminade College; Maryknoll House of Studies; Trinitatian House of Studies; Xaverian House of Studies; Redemptorist House of Studies; Viatorian Seminary; Marian House of Studies; Pallottine House of Studies; Salvatorian Scholasticate; Carmelite College of St. Therese; Spanish Augustian College; Catholic Medical Mission House; Holy Trinity House of Studies; Xaverian College; Washington Retreat House; Divine Providence House of Studies; Catholic Sisters College; St. Mary's House of Studies; Trinity College; Trinity College Chapel; Members of Hierarchy and Guests, Golden Jubilee of Cardinal Gibbons; Greenhouses; Ave Maria Lane; Oblate College; St. Augustine's College; College of the Carmelite Fathers; St. Bonaventure's College; St. Anselm's Priory; Little Flower College; Holy Trinity Missionary Cenacle; Catholic Sisters College; Brady Hall; Sedes Sapientiae
2 Brochures 1920s
Same as Folder 1
3 Brochures 1930s
Many of the same as folder 1
4 Brochures 1930s
Same as folder 1
5 Brochures 1930s
Same as folder 1
Box Folder
73 1 Brochure grey 1930s
Poster brochure
2 Correspondence re: campus prints
3 Apostolic Mission, Oblate House, Margot Hall, St. Thomas Hall 1920s
Watercolor pictorials
4 Caldwell Hall 1920s
Watercolor pictorials
5 Capuchin College; Holy Cross; Marist Seminary; Marist College 1920s
Watercolor pictorials
6 Dominican House 1920s
Watercolor pictorials
7 Franciscan Monastery 1920s
Watercolor pictorials
8 Gibbons Hall 1920s
Watercolor pictorials
9 Graduate Hall (Univ. Ctr. East) 1920s
Watercolor pictorials
10 Gym, Sulpician Seminary, Engineering, Albert Hall, St. Paul College 1920s
Watercolor pictorials
11 McMahon Hall 1920s
Watercolor pictorials
12 Maloney Hall 1920s
Watercolor pictorials
13 National Shrine of the Immaculate Comception 1920s
Watercolor pictorials
14 View from McMahon 1920s
Watercolor pictorials
15 Class of 1948-1949 Exhibit
1949 Cardinal Yearbook; mounted photos
16 Class of 1973-1974 Exhibit
1974 Cardinal Yearbook; mounted photos
Series 8: Non-CUA Photographs, ca. 1886-1999 (5 boxes)
Box Folder
74 1 Airplanes and Rockets
Enola Gay
2 Basilica of Assumption (Baltimore)
Main Entrance; Drawings; Sketches; Notes; Architectural Renderings
3 Brooks Mansion
From negatives
4 St. Bernadette Calendars, 1928
5 St. John the Baptist Church, 1919
Burning down; On fire
6 Ephemera,
Duffy, T. Gavan; Christmas Card; Civil War Band Notes
7 People
Donated By Henty Hyvernat; U.S. Information Service; Calcutta, India; Books USA; War Orphans at Naillat; Lepers; Pamphlet: The Sick and Dying; Native Americans; Wa Ma No So; Missions; Hindo Guru; Guamanian Liberation Procession, ca. 1945
8 Places and Things
Italy, Donated By Henty Hyvernat; Misericordia (Penitent); 1957; Firenze
9 Places and Things
England and Scotland, Donated By Henty Hyvernat; Edinburgh; Calton Hill; Abbotsford, Library, Study; Dryburgh Abbey; Tomb of Sir W. Scott; John Knox's House; Martyr's Tomb; New Castle; Melrose Abbey; Holyrood Palace
Box Folder
75 1 Spain,
2 United States
3 Unidentified monuments
4 Washington DC,
5 Artwork
6 People,
7 Places
8 Brooks Mansion
9 Trinity College
10 U.S. Catholic Headquaters Building
Series 9: Oversized, ca. 1886-1999 (5 boxes)
This series contains oversized materials from the first seven series.
Box Folder
76 1 Buildings and Grounds: Aerial 1
2 Buildings and Grounds: Mullen Library, 1940s
3 Buildings and Grounds: McMahon Hall
Box Folder
77 1 Events: Rolled Panoramics
Box Folder
78 1 Pictorials: Catholic University brochure ca. 1913-1919; National Shrine image, 1920s; 1926, 1933, 1935 calendars; Francis L. Koenig Sketches of McMahon, Mullen, Caldwell, and Gibbons, 1930s.
Box Folder
79 1 Oversized: Departments
80 Oversized and miscellaneous, n.d.